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How can I get carpet in Dubai?

Persian Carpet

Traditionally it was so difficult to find the right carpet as per your requirement. You were proposed to choose from the available ones. Moreover, the process of visiting the market to purchase something is obviously time consuming. But today in the era of global village, you have many options to reach the right destination. So, it is no more tough task. You can call the contractors at your place to get an estimate for free. Additionally you can check the ask them to take samples with them while visiting at your place. Wide range of quality carpets available with carpet dealers in Dubai. Lastly, it is acceptable to bargain over the rates of carpets in Dubai.

Carpets in Dubai

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How to determine the quality of carpet?

Generally, the maximum stitches per inch refers to the quality of carpets, the more stitches leads to more durability. However, the fiber type, backing and softness also have an importance in the quality of a carpet.

What height of carpet suits you?

Well this is the common question which obviously comes to your mind while you plan to buy a carpet for your space. However, each space (like bedroom, kitchen, hallway, stairways, commercial place etc.) needs different sizes of carpets as per its usage. Commonly the thickness of the rug starts from 5 mm to 25mm. The best thickness for a bedroom can be 15mm to 20mm. Similarly, it requires different kinds of carpet as per location, like carpet tiles are best for offices and commercial use. Artificial grass is best for outdoor usages. Sisal rugs have great ability as the usage of stairways.

How long should you replace the carpet?

As per experts the quality of carpet determines its age. So we can say that the age of carpet is directly proportional to the standard. But according to research the expected average age of quality carpet starts from 5 to 15 years from fixing. After installation walking traffic through carpet is one of the major factors which leads to its age as well.

The best carpet in the World?

As we described above, the quality of anything matters. Similarly carpet quality is one of the major aspects which explains its worth. However Persian Rug is the best and the most luxurious in the world. It has its own identity for its shades, art work, quality and premium designs. The Persian carpet is one of the most expensive items in any home. The reason behind its expensiveness is that the finest of these carpets can take months, and even years to be made. Finer yarns like silk and cotton yield light-weight and intricate designs and take much longer to weave compared to wool yarns. Hence, the prices of the rugs made from finer yarns are higher than the ones made completely of wool. Moreover It is a well known asset in most of the buildings.

Persian Carpet

Top manufacturers of carpets in the world.

The producer countries of the most elegant carpets in the world are as following:

  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Iran
  • India
  • China
  • Morocco
  • America

What Color carpets are in fashion 2022?

2022 Carpet Style and Color Trends

  • All Natural. The persistent back-to-nature trend is still going strong in 2022.
  • Go Green. An addition to the natural trend, sustainability and eco-focused fabrics are increasingly popular in interior design.
  • Soft Indulgence.
  • Play with Patterns.
  • Geometrics.
  • Jewel Tones.

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