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Neat Knit

Neat Knit

The Middle East was not always all 7-star hotels, man-made islands, and mile-high towers. Centuries ago, before oil was discovered (which pretty much made people lazy, fat and entitled, as can be expected of anyone who finds himself sitting on one of the industrialized world’s most important commodities), the medieval Islamic world was an incubator for all kinds of innovations. There was the invention of surgery, coffee (take that, Starbucks!), algebra (snooze!), and some kind of flying machine that inspired the modern airplane – all of these were popping up in the East while Europe rapidly descended into the Dark Ages.

But apart from these major developments that helped shape the course of modern civilization, knitting is one other thing I’m thankful was invented in the Arab world. Nobody knows when exactly, but fashion historians agree that knitting originated here because the earliest examples of the craft are a pair of cotton socks found in Egypt around 1000 CE.
Many are knitted with khufic blessings (a decorative Arabic script) – symbols to ward off evil. From there, it spread with the crusades into Spain and throughout Europe, and the rest is history.
Now, on a barely related note, here’s me being all 50 Shades of Grey in a chic knit contrast shirt by REISS and dress trousers by ZARA. Dolce & Gabbana shoes, Louis Vuitton Inventeur Brooklyn messenger and vintage Rolex Date Just, all in brown, together bring a bit of contrast and old-world sophistication to the entire look. Shot on location at the Ritz Carlton DIFC.

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