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Austin Reed’s street casuals

Austin Reeds

When you’re traveling, you want to cover as much ground as possible in the little time you have away from your everyday life, so planning your holiday wardrobe is as much an intellectual exercise as any other. For my recent trip to Holland, I’ve teamed up with English tailoring company Austin Reed to showcase their casual collection and create a look that deserves space in my limited baggage allowance!
Better known for their power suits, the brand also designs smart weekend pieces that let you chill on the weekend without completely tossing your sense of sophistication out the window. For my first look, the key item is the tri-color check shirt – in red, white and blue – that beautifully blends in with the Dutch capital’s ambient hues. The fit hugs the body and the length is just enough so you don’t need to tuck it in.
The slim-fit trousers veer away from typical preppy suburban chinos and command attention in its highly-saturated brown and contemporary silhouette – these are not baggy daddy pants! To complete the look, I slipped into a pair of go-anywhere chukka boots in deep royal blue, finished in suede with trims of midnight blue leather.

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