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Getting on the #ModernTrail with Timberland’s watch collection

Timberland Watches

For the longest time, we’ve had this idea of Timberland as an outdoorsy, forest hunter type of brand. While that segment remains an important part of their seasonal collections, the New England house is changing up its image to appeal to a more urban, more youthful millennial market with its #ModernTrail campaign. Rather than the typical notion of adventure, up in the Tibidabo mountains or deep within the caves of Cango, Timberland celebrates the modern trail that we all take on a daily basis.

We travel for work and play, and it is this increased mobility that has allowed us to take more of the world in, through the cyclical process of exploration, getting lost and eventual discovery. Whether it’s seeing a monument in a foreign land for the very first time, or stumbling upon a secret escape in your own hometown’s, Timberland’s modern trail is all about keeping things exciting through seeing, revealing and learning.

This season, I’m collaborating with Timberland and Hour Choice to unveil the brand’s Spring/Summer 2016 watch collection. I took two models that I really liked, the Blake and the Wayland, and went on a working holiday in Amsterdam and Prague to see where my own modern trail will take me.

The Blake, with its round, polished case and golden dial, is an object of contemporary elegance, perfect for wearing to an important occasion in a suit, or with an off-duty look for a chill daytime stroll on the streets of the city center. The Wayland, on the other hand, is a purely rugged piece of machinery, both inside and out, and is a great companion as you take a hike to the mountaintop or relax with friends by the river. In the photo set below, it was captured against the backdrop of Prague’s Vltava, the longest river in the Czech Republic. Funny story, it’s the same river that Mandy Moore’s character Anna jumped naked into, thinking it was the Danube, in the 2004 travel movie Chasing Liberty.

Check out the new Timberland watch range at your favorite Hour Choice boutique across the UAE. Here’s a shopping tip to push you over the fence: Go to the Timberland Watches Middle East microsite and download the “secret” voucher to get 20% off your purchase! Stay glued to my Instagram – I will be launching a giveaway where you stand a chance to win a new Timberland digital watch!

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