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Good to know: 7 interesting facts about boxers

Good to know 7 interesting facts about boxers

Here at Fashion Chameleon, I try to make a good conversation out of the most mundane stuff. I’ve talked about zippers, biker jackets and chevrons, and now, with a new collaboration with Blow Ties London, I’m thinking boxers. You probably haven’t thought about it much, and why would you when there are so many other important things to focus on, but there are some pretty interesting facts about this undergarment you probably didn’t know. Here are seven of the juiciest bits I’ve found during my research – read on for the sake of useless trivia.

  1. Boxer shorts were named after a 1925 invention by Jacob Golomb, founder of American boxing and MMA equipment brand Everlast, which replaced the leather-belted trunks worn by prizefighters with an elastic waistband.
  2. In order to offer ease of movement, the idea was to create an undergarment that provided a lot of flexibility. The type of trunks worn by professional boxers in the ring, for whom unhindered leg movement was paramount, inspired the creation of what has become commonly known as boxer shorts.
  3. Boxers are the last remaining type of underwear that can still be made to measure, as most others use stretch fabrics to allow for some give within a specific size range.
  4. English model and musician Nick Kamen lent what they would have called street cred in 1985 to this undergarment when he stripped down to his Sunspel boxers in a wildly popular Levi’s commercial aired on Boxing Day that year.
  5. In 1975, mail order company Sears sent out a catalog featuring a male model in boxers. The model appeared to have part of his junk showing through the fly, which resulted in some angry letters from customers. This mishap inspired a single by singer Zoot Fenster’s called The Man on Page 602.
  6. Bicker with your friends all you want, but this boxers-versus-briefs debate is really just the-chicken-or-the-egg in disguise. Studies have found contradicting results on how either of these styles affects fertility and sperm count, and it’s pretty much safe to say that your choice of underwear will have no significant effect on your ability to make babies.

Due to the consistently shrinking fit of menswear today, boxers have been relegated to lounge- or sleepwear. They’re not as popular now, due to logistical difficulty of trying to stuff a loose fitting garment into skinny jeans, but boxers are still worth buying for your sleep or chill in at home.

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