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5 benefits of wearing linen all year round

5 benefits of wearing linen all year round

The year-round Dubai jacket is… made of linen. There, I said it.

I know we Middle East inhabitants kid ourselves about the change of seasons – perhaps to rationalize and even justify our fashion purchases – but there really is no jacket or blazer fabric that you can get more value from in terms of cost per use than wrinkly old linen. Sure, it’s a thread most associated with Summer, but come on, wake up and smell the seasalty humidity. It’s always Summer in Dubai, save for the few mildly chilly days in January. So you may as well invest in linen.

For those who are still on the fence about the practicality of it, here are some benefits of wearing linen that’ll have you shopping for new blazers after reading.


Ever noticed how linen is a little bit see-through and the gaps between the fibers a little bit wider than say, cotton? That’s how the fabric achieves it’s breathability. It just feels airier when you’re wearing linen.


It absorbs moisture from the skin so you always feel dry. Living on seaside, we all know you don’t have to exert much effort to start sweating profusely. And sometimes it’s not even our own sweat, but the humidity in the air that clings to the skin, leaving you feeling sticky and icky and disgusting before you’ve even punched in for work. The absorbent property of linen naturally takes care of that.


The Italian word for studied careless is probably what’s most sartorially fascinating about linen. It just gives off that effortless look, which if you’ve done any styling work whether on yourself or others, is not effortless at all. The predisposition of the fabric to get wrinkled at the slightest movement is not something you try to avoid, it’s something you embrace. You look sloppy, and you’re nonchalant about it, because you’re exuding a cool, DGAF vibe and you’re doing it on purpose. Well, linen did it for you, but you that’s because you let it and didn’t make a big deal out of it.


This is entering physics nerd territory, but linen offers strong protection against gamma and solar radiation. Something to keep in mind. But your weekly trips to get a tan on Kite Beach will probably negate this benefit. Still, good to know, right?


Linen is a stiffer type of fabric than the usual suspects. This means that it can take a lot more wear and tear before it breaks down. And if you opt for the high-quality – which I expect you would when it comes to this specific textile – it will outlast all your other jackets.

One of my favorite brands for linen pieces is Capri touch, an Italian handmade fashion brand which brings the unique, recognizable style of the Island of Capri to Dubai. The label celebrates the Dolce Vita Style of Capri, using patterns, colors and fabrics reminiscent of the 50s and 60s, fusing the grand silhouettes and aesthetics of the period into the modern tastes of the 21st century.

Every step in the production of each piece is completely handmade, from cutting to finishing, so you’ll really feel the touch of luxury as you put on a Capri touch creation, aside from the psychological elating “Made in Italy” label. Make sure to check out their boutique at The Dubai Mall.

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