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Swatch forays into serious watch territory with all-metal Sistem 51

Swatch forays into serious watch territory with all-metal Sistem 51

I’ve repeated myself at least a hundred times here and on social media about what I consider a watch worthy of my time. First, it needs to be automatic, because I hate seeing (and sometimes even hearing) all that ticking. Second, the general consensus among connoisseurs favors Swiss Made pieces due to the country’s long tradition of watchmaking. Third, no plastic cases please; we’re not shopping for children’s watches.

These three factors combined typically result in a price tag most people are not emotionally or financially prepared to contend with, but Swatch’s new Sistem 51 Irony collection has come out to buck the trend.

Updating the original plastic fantastic automatic Sistem 51 which debuted at Baselworld 2013, the new seven-piece Irony range dresses up the movement that caught the attention of watch snobs the world over with a shiny, stainless steel exterior.

This development gives the collection a grown-up look that elevates the Sistem 51 from weekend toy-watch to a significant contender in the serious watch market that comes in at an excellent price point. The design spectrum covers all tastes in watches, with pieces ready to accompany you to the boardroom, a stroll on the beach, an afternoon in the garage working on your project car.

At the heart of each Sistem 51 watch is its fantastic 51-component self-winding movement, assembled entirely by robots and all bolted together with a single screw in the center. No human hand touches any of these components during the assembly process, which makes the existence of the movement a feat of engineering that even watch snobs cannot ignore. It’s pretty amazing, and the fact that it’s now encased in beautiful stainless steel makes the Irony collection an even sweeter deal.

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