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Advantages of patterned mosque carpets

Mosque Carpet

The Mosque Carpet is one of the major item for the Muslim homes and Masjids. Like United Arab Emirates have most of Muslims people, so they use these carpets frequently. Better prayer carpet styles and patterns provides an eye catchy feel to the viewers. So choose prayer rugs with enriched styles.

Here are some advantages of patterned mosque rugs as follows:

  1. The fiber material of printed carpets has good elasticity, the pile is tight and full and anti-lodging, and the foot feels comfortable and soft.
  2. The printed version of carpet adopts environmentally friendly dyeing technology, which has good permeability and high color fastness. Trendy colors can be equated with a desire to enhance the appearance of the space.
  3. Patterned rugs are easy to care for, not easy to corrode, fungus and moth eaten.
  4. The Patterned rugs are wear-resistant and stain-resistant, and are ideal for areas with high flow of people and high frequency of use, such as hotel corridors, banquet halls, guest rooms, etc.


Care and Maintenance


The vacuum maintains the basic work of the prayer carpet, it must be vacuumed every day, every morning and evening, the floating wool phenomenon can be eliminated after a month.


Carrying out catharsis to the carpet of different areas regularly can restore the original appearance carpet, prolong its service life. Carpet Cleaning has two basic methods, one is dry cleaning, and the other is wet cleaning. No matter what kind of carpet cleaning method, apply to personnel who have good professional training to engage in this job.

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