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Men’s Fashion Trends Spring 2022

Men's Fashion Trends Spring 2022

The first fashion shows have started, revealing the men’s clothing trends for spring 2022. This year will be all about comfort, casual and monochrome.
With Fashion Week, the biggest houses presented their collection for the next two seasons. Men will have the right, this year, to sober and modern pieces. The coat gives way to the cardigan while the shorts make a comeback. Beautiful things await the male sex, we present to you the stylistic trends for spring 2022.

Trendy men’s clothing for spring-summer 2022

The cardigan  

An infallible trend for spring 2022, the cardigan takes the place of the coat and other winter jackets. We love him as much as we hate him, but one thing is certain: he is not ready to disappear. The cardigan is a bit like the Phoenix of fashion. He is always reborn! It easily replaces a sweater, it is easier to wear, easier to take off and it therefore quickly becomes the little darling of spring. We wear it with absolutely everything. And that is the strength of the cardigan. It offers a casual as well as dressy effect. It’s not for nothing that everyone has one in their locker room after all.

Men Fashion


More than ever, monochrome clothing is popular this year. Grey, black, white, pink, red or blue, we dress in a single color in spring 2022. We play with tints and shades to break up the uniformity that can quickly become tiresome. And above all, accessorize your outfit as much as possible. Bag, watch or belt, all colors are allowed for accessories. It’s time to add a sparkling and less sober touch.


The Loose Suit

For some time now, oversized pieces have been very fashionable. After sweaters, pants and T-shirts, it’s now the turn of suits to see their traditional fitted cut become a loose fit. The oversize suit is a whole art of living. We put aside our prejudices, the costume is no longer intended for a category of man. In 2022, the casual version suit is the basis of a trendy style! Wear it proudly, with a shirt, t-shirt, sneakers, or whatever else you can find and challenge the world.

Loose Suit

Cuban Collar Shirt

Spring and the arrival of sunny days also give rise to the arrival of the Cuban collar shirt. Short sleeve, deeper collar, falling, the Cuban collar shirt is worn wide over a thin tank top. Most often, we find this shirt with stripes or flowers. But this year, we expect to see pastel and light colors. Combined with jeans or chino shorts, the Cuban collar shirt will conquer the whole world.

Cuban Collar Shirt


Cargo Pants

Trendy and undeniably streetwear, cargo pants are gaining ground in 2022. Already well established in men’s fashion, cargo continues to rise and is attracting more and more men. Perfect for all ages, you can wear your pants with a plain, loose t-shirt. For a more elegant effect, you can also pair it perfectly with a shirt. Anything goes with cargo pants, so let your imagination run wild and stand out!

Cargo pants

The Short

The big comeback of shorts is for this year. Long put aside, they are getting back on their feet and establishing themselves as the trendiest bottoms in 2022. So we leave our jeans in the closet, which we gladly swap for chino or denim shorts. With a white shirt or a floral Cuban collar shirt, the shorts will look both elegant and casual. The Short

Spring 2022 shoes and accessories

As you already know, shoes and accessories have an important place in an outfit. This year, the accessories will be the masters of the game. With the massive arrival of bags and bananas last year, they continue, this year again, their conquest of the world. As practical as they are aesthetic, men’s bags are now becoming the essential fashion accessory in men’s locker rooms.

As for shoes, neutral sneakers will be in the spotlight in spring 2022. New Balance , for example, is offering a sober and classic collection with its 574. Also a big revelation this year, the dad shoe! We saw her a lot in the 80s, then very quickly she became cheesy, but this year she is making a comeback. The dad shoe is a very large pair of sneakers, very vintage, very surprising. And yet, everyone is adopting it this year! So, we take our old Fila and we associate it with our streetwear outfit.

Spring 2022 shoes and accessories


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