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5 New Apps For 2022


To get 2020 off to a good start, I’ve put together a selection of essential apps for the start of the year. To your smartphones!


If you’re still looking for the perfect piece for your look, you’ve probably already installed several apps like eBay or Vinted. But there are the most common parts of even more common brands.

Grailed was designed for those who like to unearth rarer pieces. It takes up the principle of the community marketplace and makes it possible to acquire designer clothes that are little or not worn.

Whether you’re looking for an iconic Raf Simons piece from 10 years ago or an innovative one from Supreme, chances are you’ll be able to find it on the app.


Nine is a bit different app, it’s a visual of which items you want to acquire. When you spot a piece in the store that you like, take a picture of it via the app, noting its location. You can also jot down a reminder to go buy it, whether it’s payday or the sales have officially started.

You can take the concept one step further, by capturing in the app a bar you want to go to, a piece of furniture you want to buy, or a book you’re waiting for release.


The Babbel application is one of the essentials if you want to learn and practice new languages or refine the ones you already practice. It doesn’t matter if you’re Android or rather team Apple (the app is also available on iOS ), as long as you have a smartphone available, you can start learning.

It allows you to follow courses around lessons organized in the form of a quiz. During use, we learn new elements of grammar, expressions or vocabulary. This learning is supplemented with regular questions to reinforce the assimilation of new features.

The courses are well constructed and relatively easy to use, which is a good introduction to the language or a very good addition in parallel to lessons with a teacher.

Babbel practices rather competitive prices compared to the competition, through several formulas.

Trip It

If you’re a confirmed traveller, you may have a little trouble keeping up with all of your reservations purchased from different sites. Boarding passes, car rentals and other services require a little organization.

However, the organization is precisely what is lacking today, at a time when we are increasingly preparing our own trips.

Trip It is the application that was created to solve this problem. You can send everything related to your trip to the app, so you have everything at your fingertips when boarding. The features are well thought out: conversion of emails into a general itinerary, review of your journey from any device (even offline), and recording of the places where you slept and had lunch. Rather practical to find an address a little later!

Although the primary purpose of the app is not to be a travel diary, you can put your photos and personal notes in it. And to push this concept a little further, you can also share what you store in the app directly on social networks.

If you want to switch to the pro option, the app will allow you to track your various loyalty points (the famous Miles).

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Finally an app for procrastinators! The app helps people who procrastinate all the time to solve this problem, by offering helpful suggestions to find the source of your distractions and allow you to continue with what you were doing.

The main reasons leading to procrastination are listed by choice: the task to be done is too important, I don’t know where to start, I made a mistake, I have to finish or it has to be perfect.

The app also includes a feature to set up recurring tasks that will alert you of upcoming deadlines. You can also give yourself a deadline to complete a task and let the timer tick by.

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