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Adjustment of Men’s Black Jeans

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Black jeans are one of the essential clothes in the male dressing room. Discover how to wear it with style through 5 combinations.

Black jeans are to men what the little black dress is to women: a stylish accessory that doesn’t look like much, but is actually a formidable weapon for an effective look. It can be dressy, casual or even street; in any case, it will be worn all seasons.

And as a bonus, it’s almost impossible to mismatch it. So why an article on the subject? Precisely because the field of possibilities is immense with black jeans. Here are some effective combinations that will save you a little time when it comes to getting dressed.

5 effective combinations with black jeans

In a smart casual look

Black jeans are a natural tool in the smart casual arsenal, it’s a classic trouser effect that goes very well with dressier clothes. You can easily pair it with more or less formal shoes such as derbies or Chelsea boots, or even premium sneakers.

In general, stick to dark colours. If you can afford light or bright shades, keep in mind that they should only be discreet touches. Concretely, if you want to wear red with your black jeans, it is better to wear it with a scarf or a scarf than with a coat.

Turtlenecks are particularly effective for a smart casual style, as well as unstructured blazers.

In a monochrome look

Composing a look with a single colour seems a priori easy since all you have to do is choose other clothes in the same colour. And it’s not wrong, except for one rule: make sure they are at least two tones apart, to avoid the false plain effect.

Concretely, if your jeans are dark black, the other pieces will have to be lighter.

If you are afraid that your ensemble will be a bit boring, you can also afford to add a piece or two of grey, or even white, since these are only derivatives of black. Don’t hesitate to play with textures, patterns and cuts.

For example, you can choose black jeans, add a white t-shirt, a grey Oxford shirt and a pair of shiny or matte black boots.

With a leather jacket

Black jeans are clearly part of the rock’n’roll style, so they will go naturally with a perfecto-type leather jacket or a classic suede leather jacket. It is particularly a very effective style for your trips to bars.

The style that will result from your look will largely depend on the jacket you choose to wear. For a classic rock style, a biker jacket or a perfecto is perfect. Or for a more contemporary look, you can choose a light bomber jacket in black or brown suede.

Remember to match the rest of your clothes with the black jacket and jeans. Boots and a knit sweater will always be safe choices. You can also turn to a striped sailor and Chelsea boots combo for a slightly more urban and sharp style.

In a summer look

Do not think that black jeans are only worn in autumn and winter. Well combined, it will also be very useful in spring and summer, except during heat waves of course.

Wearing black jeans in summer means taking on the challenge of being creative with your look, which is always a good thing. You can use these jeans as an entry point into your look, and then introduce a strong upper body piece to focus the attention there. We think for example of a shirt with a Cuban collar or even a printed t-shirt worn under an overshirt or a light jacket.

The only point of attention is to avoid wearing too many dark colours, the summer period is rather that of warm and light shades.

In an all black look

We often talk about timeless clothes or accessories in the men’s wardrobe, there are actually not so many looks that really stand the test of time without losing effectiveness. However, full black is one of them.

It’s usually a look that highlights the body, which produces its small effect and which is an excellent base when you want to highlight a strong piece.

And the good news is that it’s a style that accepts almost any type of clothing: sneakers, dress shoes, athleisure style, tailored shirt, blazer, etc.

Selection of black jeans for men

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