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Advantages Of Window 11

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Since 2015, Windows computers have been running on version 10. This year, Microsoft is rolling out a new version: Windows 11. Change of design, new features, we explain everything to you. 

Microsoft and its operating system continue to stand out from its most loyal competitors. The new version of Windows is a big step for the American brand. Indeed, major changes are planned for Windows starting with the design which is certainly the great novelty of the operating system. 

Announced in June 2021, Windows 11 has been available on eligible PCs since October 5. So what really changes? Why should you upgrade to Windows 11? We take stock with you of all the new features that await you.  

We present to you the 3 biggest new features of Windows 11. Phonandroid tells you more in-depth about this new  Windows 11 update.


As we explained to you previously, the major novelty of this new version of Windows is the design. The office has been completely redesigned. Now the taskbar sits in the centre and floats. For iOS users, you may notice that it looks quite similar. However, Microsoft remains faithful to its menu which now, when you click on the icon, floats on the desktop. More ergonomic and aesthetic, the menu does not however bring more changes in addition to its design. 

Microsoft Store 

Windows Store is over. From now on, we will talk about Microsoft Store. And who says name change, says a total overhaul of the shopping application. With modern graphics and optimal ergonomics, the Windows store now offers a Gaming section and another Entertainment section. 

Simpler, and more practical, the Windows 11 Microsoft Store allows you to download or buy everything directly from the store. However, several bugs have been reported on this first version. Microsoft should fix it soon! 

games and apps

Big news for Windows 11, you can now launch all Android games and apps since the February 22 update. 

Microsoft continues its ascent and is more and more part of a register of accessibility to all. Level gaming, the announcement of the American giant concerning the takeover of Activision-Blizzard has already upset the world. We really feel that Microsoft wants to impose itself against its first competitor Apple and its iOS operating system. 

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When to upgrade to Windows 11?

The Windows 11 update has been available since October 5 for eligible computers. So, if your PC is compatible, you can already install it. Windows Update should normally prompt you to install the update. However, if the app does not offer it, you can “force” the upgrade using an installation wizard, Media Creation Tool or directly from the official Microsoft website. 

Windows 10 is officially valid until 2025. Therefore, it is not mandatory to upgrade before this date. However, the update brings a lot of new features and for owners of a computer running Windows 10, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Windows 11 upgrade is free. Only people who buy a laptop or desktop without an operating system installed will have to pay for version 11 of Windows.  

Microsoft: Why do you need to upgrade to Windows 11?

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