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Armor Lux

Armor lux

Presentation of Armor Lux, a French company recognized for its marinières (but not only) made in France.


Table of Contents

The History of Armor Lux

The history of Armor Lux is almost a hundred years old, it begins in 1938 when a Swiss entrepreneur named Walter Hubacher founded the company La Bonneterie d’Armor in Quimper. Quickly interrupted by the Second World War which began the following year, the company held firm and grew from 1947, employing around fifty people. With business flourishing, the Armor Lux brand was created and had nearly 600 employees in the early 1980s.

The following years put La Bonneterie to the test, so much so that it was sold in 1993 to two industrialists from Finistère anxious to ensure the continuity of the activity. The guidelines that are drawn then consist of:

  • Affirm the maintenance of production in France;
  • Develop the brand’s range of knowledge, in particular through the acquisition of a French wool sweater company based in Troyes (bastion of the French textile industry) in order to enrich the know-how of Armor Lux.

The brand has thus developed its skills and won over lovers of quality clothing over the decades. So much so that the company has been awarded many emblematic contracts, such as:

  • In 2004 and 2015 the clothing of the 130,000 La Poste agents in contact with customers;
  • In 2007 the production of new uniforms for SNCF controllers.
  • In 2014 the production of uniforms for the 31,000 SNCF agents was in contact with the public.

In addition to its economic success, Armor Lux has been able to take the turn of ecological transformation, through the marketing of fair trade cotton items (Maax Havellar partnership) or the manufacture and distribution of organic cotton clothing under the Ecocert label. Since 2019, the Group has also been ISO 14001 certified, which is a certification (difficult to obtain) attesting to the environmental actions carried out by a company.

100% Made in France production

One of the main qualities of Armor Lux, in addition to its fine history, is to keep manufacturing made in France, whether for its production of ready-to-wear or professional clothing.

And more precisely, the company has three factories. To go into a little more detail, the first is located in Quimper and comprises two sites: one near the Hippodrome which includes knitting and dyeing activities; the other is the Kerdroniou site, which is responsible in particular for cutting, manufacturing, finishing and logistics.

The second factory is located in Troyes and corresponds to the acquisition in 1993 of the company specializing in wool sweaters. The third is also located in Quimper and corresponds to the acquisition of the company File use d’Arvor in 2019, which has increased the group’s production capacity in the city.

The big Armor Lux sale

Like every year, Armor Lux launches its big sale. It’s the event of the year for the brand, and the opportunity to be able to afford a good number of pieces at prices well below their usual level.

More specifically, the sale will be held online this year, from November 11 to 23. The cause is obvious, the Covid led the brand this year to organize this online event to compensate for the closure of its stores.

For your winter wardrobe, it will therefore be the right time for you to look for a sweater, a pea coat or a sailor top for a sharp and made-in-France style.

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