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By Sada El Balad | Education Denies Postponing Studies in an Official Statement Iin Egypt

Sada EL Balad

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education revealed the truth of what was reported through social media, regarding the postponement of the study until October 10.

An official source in the ministry told “Masrawy”, that everything that spreads about postponing the study until next October 10 is completely unhealthy, stressing that the study is on its scheduled date, next October 1.

Minister Dr. Reda Hegazy confirmed that the study will start in the new year in international schools on September 18, while it will start in government schools and other schools on October 1.​

website a while ago, the Ministry of Education and Technical Education has now issued an official statement, in which it confirmed that there is no truth to what is being circulated regarding the postponement of studies in schools until October 10.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education indicated that the study will not be postponed to October 10, stressing that the school year will start on its announced date on 10/1-2022.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education appealed to social media users to investigate accuracy and objectivity in publishing the news in order not to create confusion.

A short while ago, Minister of Education and Technical Education, Dr Reda Hegazy, denied the postponement of classes in schools until 10 October.

The Minister of Education said in exclusive statements to the Sada Al-Balad website: Every circulating on Facebook regarding the issuance of a decision to postpone studies in schools until October 10 has absolutely no basis in truth.

The start date of studies in public, public and private schools, and the timetable for the academic year
Dr Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education and Technical Education, approved the new timetable for the new school year 2022/2023, which was prepared after adjusting the start date of the study to start October 1, 2022

This came after the Supreme Council for Pre-University Education approved the start of the academic year 2022/2023 from Saturday, October 1 to Thursday, June 6, for all stages of education in public and official schools in languages, private and private languages.

The time map for the academic year 2022/2023 showed that the number of weeks for the academic year is approximately 35 weeks, as follows:

The first semester starts on October 1, 2022, to Thursday, January 26, 2023.
The start of the first semester exams is on Sunday, January 14, 2023.
The second semester starts from Saturday 11 February 2023 to Thursday 8 June.
The start of the second-semester exams for the transfer and preparatory certificate classes, is Saturday, June 3, 2023.
Technical diploma exams start Saturday, July 8, 2023.
High school exams start Saturday, June 10, 2023.
The last week is devoted to revision for all grades.
The duration of the first semester days is 98 days after deleting Fridays and the official holiday.
The duration of the days of the second semester is 96 days after deleting Fridays and the official holiday.
The actual study days are 194 days, which is equivalent to 35 weeks.
The examination period for the first and second semesters is considered within the actual study days and is calculated within the legally stipulated attendance rate.
The half-year vacation period is two weeks, starting on Saturday, January 28, 2023, and ending on Thursday, February 9. In the event of a conflict between the date of the mid-year vacation and the leave of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Al-Azhar institutes sector, the leave shall be unified with them.
These dates include all the different stages of education in public and official schools, private and private language.


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