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Canvas Shoes 2022

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are essential accessories in the male wardrobe. Back to what canvas shoe is, what types there are, how to wear them and how to clean them.

One of life’s little pleasures, when a sunny day is coming, is to leave home for an impromptu walk, without really knowing where you’re going. For style, what rhymes with sunshine is canvas sneakers. Their summery and casual spirit make them ideal shoes for sunny days. A quick look at the Parisian population that we can also meet in the street shows us that, despite the fall that has set in, canvas sneakers are experiencing a serious resurgence in popularity.

In reality, there is not just one type of canvas shoe, but many variations. You can find rather dressy models (without being formal) to accompany an evening outfit, for example. There are also more relaxed pairs, for everyday wear, or even slip-on for looks on days when you want to keep it simple. We will take stock of what canvas shoes are, their different variations, the looks to accompany them well and how to maintain them.


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Canvas shoes: what are they?

You guessed it, these are canvas shoes. This term actually refers to several styles of shoes that have a canvas composition in common, but which can be of different shapes. Their sole, too, can vary. It can be rubber, leather or fibre.

The origins of the canvas shoe date back to the end of the 19th century, and more precisely to the year 1892. The Rubber Company, an American shoe manufacturing company, created the first sneaker from a rubber sole. The term sneaker, which is regularly used instead of basketball, means “which does not make noise”. This is explained by the fact that the rubber sole does not make noise when walking, unlike shoes with a leather sole. In addition to its low profile, rubber soles proved to be cheaper and faster to produce.

What quickly made the success of sneakers (or sneakers) in canvas is also the property of this material. Breathable and light, the canvas is indeed often woven in cotton or linen. It is therefore a big advantage during hot periods and in humid climates. Whether in summer or during mid-season,  opting for a pair of canvas shoes is a good reflex to renew your casual looks.

The main models of canvas sneakers

Many models exist for canvas shoes. Here are the main ones.

Canvas sneakers

Canvas sneakers have certainly seen some improvements since their inception, but the recipe remains the same. Many models have become iconic over time. Some were even designed as basketball shoes, with a high top, then passed into the public domain.

These canvas sneakers can be declined in high waist and low waist. The first will go well with a high hem on the pants (chinos or jeans). The second, on the other hand, will correspond more to summer looks, in particular, accompanied by shorts or linen pants.

Canvas slip-on

The principle of slip-on shoes is that they slip on, that is to say, that they do not include laces, but elastic bands which ensure their maintenance on the foot. Many models have made canvas slip-ons famous. These shoes are very casual, and will therefore correspond to casual looks.

Canvas sneakers

Tennis has also brought its stone to the building of canvas shoes. This discipline has long been practised with canvas shoes with a rubber sole.

What casual look for his canvas sneakers?

Several casual looks can be adopted if you wear canvas shoes.

The casual style

Canvas sneakers give a casual, that is to say relaxed, touch to your look. They will therefore go very well with other clothes in this style. Concretely, you can wear them with your sweatshirts, sweaters, t-shirts, polo shirts and shirts. However, these do not have to be formal, as would be the case for a model with French cuffs.

For the bottom, you can put on your jeans, chinos, and other cargo pants without fear. The current trend is also jogging. This type of pants will also suit canvas shoes, which have a sporty spirit. Remember, however, that the cut of the jogging is straight and rather close to the body, in order to avoid ending up with a neglected appearance.

The smart-casual style

If you already have the guide to smart casual style, you’ll probably already have thought about using your canvas sneakers with this in mind. A little wake-up call, this trend is all about combining dressy and casual clothes to create an in-between look. It is suitable for those who like to dress neatly, without always being dressed to the nines.

Canvas shoes are a good way to achieve a smart casual look. To succeed in this manoeuvre, it will be enough to accompany them with other more dressy clothes. For example, you can put on a suit and cut with your shoes. In this case, make sure they are white. You can also try a combination of canvas shoes, suit pants, a t-shirt and a blazer. You will then alternate casual and dressy pieces.

How to clean your canvas sneakers?

The main disadvantage of canvas sneakers, especially when they are white, is the fact that they are messy. But a pair of dirty shoes can ruin all the effort you put into your style. It is therefore important to clean them regularly, in particular, to prevent their stains from becoming permanent.

The main challenge in cleaning a pair of canvas sneakers is having the right tools and knowing the techniques that work well.

Accessories to clean your canvas shoes

As for tools, you will need to bring:

  • Liquid soap or even detergent;
  • A toothbrush;
  • A soft-bristled brush;
  • Baking soda;
  • A fabric stain remover.

Once you are equipped, for a complete cleaning, you will need to follow the following steps.

The technique to properly clean your canvas sneakers

First, start by removing the laces from the shoes and soaking them in a mixture of soap and water  (or detergent if the stains are stubborn). Wait about 1/4 hour, and rub your laces with a toothbrush to clean them. Finally, rinse them with clean water and let them air dry.

Next, we tackle the shoes. First, check that they are dry so that you can more easily remove any soil they may have. Scrub the sneakers with a brush to remove as much dirt as possible. You can also bang the sneakers on top of each other to knock out any stuck debris.

Once the bulk is gone, it’s time to tackle the canvas. Start by rinsing the shoes under running water and applying a generous amount of baking soda inside to neutralize any odours. Then prepare a cleaning solution by mixing one or two capfuls of soap/detergent with one litre of water. With the brush, which you will have previously dipped in the solution, gently rub the fabric. Rinse the shoe, and repeat the operation if necessary.

If after this process, there are still some stains, you can finally use the fabric stain remover by following the product instructions. Once this step is complete, all you have to do is air-dry your sneakers, which may take one to three days depending on the ambient temperature. You can then wear them to show off your best casual look.

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