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Clae Sneakers 2022

Clae Sneakers

Discovery of CLAE, a Californian brand of timeless and unisex sneakers.

CLAE offers sneakers with a timeless design while minimizing its environmental footprint. Its collections are handcrafted with particular attention to the quality of materials and comfort through innovative details as well as good production practices.

The materials used are carefully chosen. The leathers come from certified tanneries recognized for their product innovation. CLAE also develops Vegan materials or materials designed from recycled plastic waste.

CLAE sneakers are aimed at both men and women and their timeless silhouette allows them to appeal to all generations.

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Clae’s inspirations

For almost 20 years, the DNA of the brand and its designs have stood out as being timeless and minimalist, provided with quality materials and without compromising on comfort.

Inspired by Californian culture, and more particularly by his hometown, Los Angeles, marked by mid-century architecture and art. CLAE’s idea is to offer sneakers that combine aesthetics, functionality and comfort. Its silhouettes with their sleek design can be worn just as well with jeans as with a suit.

Having become essential “It pieces”, sneakers are absolutely everywhere. Luxury and designer brands have also followed the “sneaker mania”, by designing classic, vintage or even sophisticated models.

CLAE goes against this trend by offering sleek silhouettes without visible logos, available in a palette of sober tones and beautiful materials. This pair of sneakers are made to be kept and worn season after season.

Selection of Clae sneakers

Whether you’re a big CLAE fan or you’ve just discovered the brand, there’s a good chance that one or more models will catch your eye.

We start with the Bradley model, which is CLAE’s iconic silhouette. Bradley reinvents itself season after season with innovative materials and new colours. A sleek silhouette with colourful detail, these sneakers will be perfect to accompany you to work or out.

CLAE also offers the Ellington model, which is more classic without losing versatility. If this model will go very well with a more “formal” wardrobe, it will also be effective in all the other styles of the modern man.

Inspired by sports fields, CLAE also offers the Malone, which combines elegance, technical and innovative details with meticulous construction.

The brand also regularly offers capsule collections and collaborations with artists and brands in limited editions.

We find in particular the Bradley California collection, which draws its inspiration directly from its hometown, Los Angeles. The heels, in smooth and colourful nubuck, are a subtle nod to its different landscapes (ocean, vast desert and giant sequoias). The colourful detail contrasts with the white Italian leather upper with Nappa treatment.

You will also have the choice between low-rise or high-rise models, the latter not being superfluous once winter has arrived.

More recently, CLAE collaborated with Le Bon Marché to offer the DREAM collection, comprising a Malone, a Bradley, a t-shirt and a basketball in pastel tones with an exclusive logo. The DREAM collection draws its inspiration from the street culture of Los Angeles, and more particularly from the legendary Venice Beach basketball court.

To get the most out of CLAE sneakers, you can limit yourself to simple and plain clothes, like the great classics found at Uniqlo or APC You can also allow yourself, when the mood takes you, to go on more worked styles, these sneakers will adapt to it.

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