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Concordia Automatic Charlie Paris Watch

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Focus on the new Charlie Paris creation: the Concordia Automatic Nazaré watch.

The French watchmaker is launching a new watch called Concordia Automatic Nazaré. After its previous Grande Randonnée model intended for hikers, this new creation is aimed at water sports enthusiasts.

Intended not for hiking trails but for extreme waves, the watch has been tested in extreme conditions since it was the subject of a partnership with the French windsurfer Thomas Traversa. The latter is a regular at Nazaré, known by water sports enthusiasts for being the place where the highest waves in Europe are unleashed. Waves to your wrist, the watch has kept the name of this place.

Produced in a very limited edition (100 copies), it is the subject of a pre-order which will end on October 20. Notice to amateurs, there will not be one for everyone.

Table of Contents

An aquatic design

Aesthetically, the watch is close to diving models, in particular via its bluish dial, its index and its luminescent hands or its rotating bezel. If you are new to aquatic watches, you will learn that this last point is characteristic of diving models.

The rotating bezel is in fact a French invention that appeared in 1952. Its function is to calculate the duration of immersion in water during dives. This allows on the one hand to calculate the remaining oxygen time, but also and above all to calculate the time of passage of the different stages. Using this complication is actually quite simple. Once underwater, all you have to do is place the zero mark on the bezel (the inverted triangle) where the minute hand is located. There will then only be to measure the difference between the progression of this hand, and the mark, to deduce the time elapsed.

The Concordia Automatic Nazaré Watch is available with nylon or leather straps. The first should be chosen for any use of the watch in water. Those in leather, conversely, will be reserved for aesthetic use of the watch. The choice of one or the other will therefore depend on the use you will make of it. Diving watches are also often worn by people who have never dived, but who are seduced by the aesthetics of this type of model. No need, therefore, to be an inveterate explorer of the seabed to afford a watch of its kind.

A small detail that does a lot, the case is engraved with the canyon of Nazaré, a nod to the place that gave it its name.

A solid technical sheet

If we look inside the case, the watch is not ashamed of its technical characteristics. The movement (Swiss) is mechanical with automatic winding. That is to say, the watch will work without batteries and will recharge simply by being worn, thanks to the kinetic force of wrist movements. Its power reserve, that is to say, the period during which it continues to function without being worn is 44 hours or almost two days. After this time, it will then have to be reset manually.

As for the glass, it is a sapphire. These are the most impact and scratch-resistant watch crystals, which is good news considering their potential sporting use.

Finally, the waterproofness is ensured up to 300 meters, which is more than correct. A small reminder on this data, if a model displays a resistance which is not higher than 30 meters, it will be better not to get it at all. From 50 meters, you can wear it in the rain; beyond that, you can swim with it without difficulty. And from 100 meters, diving will not be a problem.

Finally, the various components are assembled in France in Besançon, a region renowned for its watchmaking creations.

Price: €595

Available at Charlie Paris

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