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Decorate Your Home With Photos

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The arty decoration style, you know? If you are not familiar with this trend, know that the arty style brings the decoration of the retro years up to date.

With a more modern touch, but still, just as artistic, its design creates an offbeat, even humorous atmosphere. This consists in raising each decorative accessory to the rank of a work of art by paying particular attention to detail. Your personal photos can be a great way to transform the look of your apartment or house.

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Hang meaningful and artistic photos on the wall

If you have opted for the arty style and do not know what to do with your photos, you can put your images to use for your interior decoration. It is said that photos are one of those little details that create the soul of a house. Through shots well highlighted and placed in the right place, your home will be more sophisticated thanks to the arty decoration style.

Start by collecting the photos that are important to you. Memories of your wedding or other important events, your most memorable vacations, the first steps of your children, your old family photos… Why not add a hodgepodge of artistic photos taken by you? The main thing is to bring together a mix of photos of all styles and from all eras. These must still show a certain artistic harmony, both trendy and unusual.

You can use existing, old or recent photos. However, since the very idea of ​​the arty trend is to display one’s taste for art, seek the services of an artist-photographer. He will capture the most beautiful moments of your life and then exhibit them as photographic works in a gallery. You can even get works from well-known artists.

Print your photos on canvas for an arty look

Photos on canvas are very popular. They have been propelled to the forefront to give an arty touch to your interior decoration. When you’ve compiled your shots, don’t limit yourself to ordinary images printed on glossy paper. Entrust your most beautiful photos to a  canvas printing expert to take them to a higher artistic level. This type of printing consists of developing a photo on a polyester, linen or cotton canvas placed on solid wood support. This technique uses special inks to achieve highly detailed images and vibrant colours.

A photograph on canvas instantly adds an arty touch through its originality. You also have the possibility of personalizing it by choosing a frame of a special shape. Bring even more pep to your party decor by combining colours on your canvases.

As a real decorative accessory, the arty canvas comes in  several formats and in different types  including:

  • single canvas,
  • the pell-mell canvas,
  • the canvas to be laid,
  • the American fund.

Ultra design,  the collage canvas is very popular because it can accommodate up to thirty photos. If you want to give character to your photography, this model will please you. The size will depend on the room in which you will install your frames. The larger the space, the more you can put as many photos as you want in different formats of your choice. As for the thickness, the classic version measures 1.8 cm, but this varies depending on the space occupied by the canvas.

photo printed on wooden frame

Highlight your photos to give an artistic side

If there is a sure bet in terms of arty decoration, it is the accumulation of frames on the wall by adopting a patchwork effect. Select your favourite reproductions to enhance your interior design. Hang them and create a composition following your inspirations.

The gallery wall is also very popular. The idea is to hang pictures of different styles on a wall. No more frames placed on the bedroom dresser or lined up in the living room. Now, we prefer to make a jumble of original frames. For an even more artistic touch, opt for hangers as an eye-catcher. Find inspiration by watching arty decoration tutorials. Your walls will become really trendy photo albums.

Create a real arty style with  themed photos  like:

  • vintage pictures,
  • family photos,
  • reproductions of works of art,
  • animal pictures,
  • illustrations for children.

Achieving an arty decor with photos takes some inspiration, but sometimes you just need to tap into those things that are close to your heart. There’s nothing like taking ownership of your home through images that reflect the personality of its occupants.

mix of frames of different sizes

Find the best locations to create an art gallery effect with your shots

Creating an arty decoration is quite an art, to the point of having the impression of being in a real art gallery. This mixture of styles, these photos from different eras and these various accessories offer an artistic look to your decor. However, to get to this point, it is important to determine how and where all these beautiful images will be exhibited.

Your walls, shelves, tables, etc. There are plenty of places where your photos will look like beautiful works of art. We will never tire of telling you: forget the photos framed in the traditional way. The era of photos lined up on shelves is over, let yourself be tempted by arty photos.

A mirror can for example serve as a support for your photos in an arty-style entrance. The collage effect will give modernity and freshness to this space. Also, feel free to paint your walls and doors in bold colours. This style will give even more value and intensity to your frames. A guaranteed gallery effect.

Laying your paintings on the ground by superimposing them will seem messy, but that’s the current trend. Artistic and casual, this way of presenting photo frames will also make it easier for you when you embark on a minute decorating change. You will only have to move them and change the order in which they were placed.

The arty style can also invite itself into a child’s room. Think again, you don’t have to be an adult to appreciate art. A compilation of drawings carefully made by your little ones represents a real arty decoration in their space. In addition, the party decoration adapts to all rooms: the living room, the bathroom, the bedroom and even the balcony. Just give free rein to your imagination to adopt it.

neatly designed rooms decorated with photo frames

Which materials to choose for an arty decoration of your interior?

The arty trend is the art of highlighting several graphic elements. These can be found both through photos and images and through decorations and furniture. This jumble of objects linked together by graphic fiber reveals the true identity of the arty trend.

Have fun mixing geometric shapes with curves and straight lines that adorn your decorative accessories and furniture. Your sculptures will become totems that you will enjoy displaying on your wooden or metal shelves. Also, favour asymmetrical and unstructured furniture, it brings dynamism to your interior. You will place your ornamental objects as well as your photo frames there.

Install cushions of geometric shapes inspired by cubism on your armchairs or on your bed. Cover them with vintage printed covers and you will make your rooms a real artist’s house.

Natural materials and handmade sculptures are also exceptional pieces in an arty decor. The statuettes and candlesticks created in an artisanal way reveal irregularities, a particularity that inspires the arty trend. All these associations of singular elements will characterize your interior decoration while making it unique.

On the lighting side, install pendant lights or sleek chandeliers if your ceiling is high enough. Plan a wooden lampshade in your bedroom and a metal floor lamp to enhance the lighting in the living room. If the ceiling height does not allow it, try the glass spotlights to be hung from the ceiling: guaranteed space optimization!

To enhance your interior decoration, the arty style is back in force. It is recognizable by its geometric shapes, its refined materials, as well as its gilding. Be careful, however, not to go overboard. The goal of this trend is to revitalize your entire decor with photos printed on canvas. With vintage pictures framed and attached to the walls in style, your home will look like an art gallery. Think of the marriage of warm tones such as those of wood and metal to create conviviality in all your rooms. Have geometric wooden shelves and gold metal decorations, including table lamps or vases. Do you fancy a decorative makeover? Explore the arty style trail. Test and discover not only this trend but also your identity by letting your inspiration guide you.

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