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Different Summer Hats For Men 2022-2023

Different Summer Hats For Men 2022-2023 (1) (1)

On the arrival of fine weather, when the sun is more and more present, it is customary to wear lighter clothes. But it is also essential to protect your head properly against the sun’s rays. This is the role of summer hats, your best allies to stay at the forefront of style during the hot seasons. Discover our selection of 10 trendy men’s hats for this summer.


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It is undoubtedly the most famous hat model today. Also called “jipijapa”, this type of hat is originally woven by hand from the fibres of a saw palmetto. It has a rosette on the top of the crown and is most often ivory in colour and girded with a black or brown ribbon. Flexible, and light, it is perfect for periods of heat.

panama man


Having become a true symbol of elegance, Panama is so called because Theodore Roosevelt, then President of the United States wore it during the inauguration of the Panama Canal in 1906. And it has not aged a bit.

The cap

The term cap is generally used to refer to a type of hat that has a visor. Duckbill, Gavroche, classic or sports cap, the models of caps are now available in different styles and combinations. With its leather or cotton visor, it is perfect for protecting the head and eyes from UV rays. If the cap can be worn with almost any outfit, the ideal is associated with a casual look.

The most used today, especially during the summer, is the sports cap. Characterized by its long visor and rear closure, it originally came from the world of baseball and was used to protect players’ eyes from the sun.

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The Docker Beanie

When we talk about hats, we usually think of winter. But the Docker beanie is also perfect for the summer season. Referring to the Breton hat or the Miki, the docker hat was originally worn by sailors and offered them protection against the vagaries of time. Today, it has established itself as a real fashion accessory. With its simple shape and rolled edge, it is easy to put on and very comfortable.

It can be worn all year round with all types of looks. In summer, in addition to being a trendy accessory, the docker beanie serves to protect against the sun. During this period, it is necessary to favour fine and light fabrics, such as linen or cotton.

The Bob

Small, round and soft, the bucket hat is definitely the hat to have for this summer. It was originally used by fishermen, but also by glider pilots to protect themselves from the sun while maintaining good visibility. Indeed, it has a full brim, inclined downwards, which is more practical than a cap whose visor would interfere too much with vision.

Generally designed in fabric or canvas, it folds very easily to fit into a pocket. The crown of the bob varies in structure and size and the rigidity of the edge can vary between styles. By the way, some people like to fold the brim up to change the look of this trendy hat.

The Fedora

Still called “Borsalino”, it is a very popular headgear with a timeless look. It is also a great classic of men’s fashion, which is doing very well in summer. It is characterized by a wide brim, slightly descending at the front and bent upwards at the back, as well as by a hollow crown. It was popularized by actors like Humphrey Bogart or Jean-Paul Belmondo in the movie “Borsalino”. The Borsalino is also the name of the brand that markets the famous Fedora hat.

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The straw hat

Generally used at the beach, the straw hat is light and its wide brims provide effective protection from the sun. It is the summer hat par excellence since it can only be worn in this season. It comes in several variations, such as the capeline, Panama, the fedora, the boater, the trilby and many others.

the boater

We no longer present this hat, always very fashionable in summer. It is the ideal hat for relaxing while remaining elegant. Very popular with athletes at the end of the 19th century, it was often associated with the sport of rowing. Generally made of straw, it has flat edges and an equally flat straight dome, with a circular pitch, rigid and short. The dome is still surrounded by a ribbon. The boater is always associated with the pleasures of summer and this year, it remains just as trendy.

Pork pie hat

Much like the boater hat, the pork pie is a round hat that has a low, flat crown but with shorter, raised brims. Its name refers to a pork pie, a typical British dish. Created in the 1930s, the pork pie came back into fashion thanks to the Breaking Bad series and its main character Walter White. It is best known for being the favourite accessory of jazzmen. Some wear this hat, leaning over the back of the head.

The cowboy hat

This famous wide-brimmed, high-crowned headgear is typical of North American cowboys and ranch workers. It was used to protect riders from the sun’s rays. If it exists in several forms and in different materials, it is most often made of felt and the stetson is a particular model (referring to the eponymous brand). it was also popularized by country singers and remains an ideal accessory during the summer.

The Trilby

This small, round, short-brimmed hat with a low, rather soft crown is one of the most famous and popular today. It resembles the fedora, but often has a shorter brim and the back of the brim is higher. You can recognize it by its thin ribbon with a knot on the right side. In summer, it is advisable to choose a felt, cotton canvas, straw or linen Trilby. It is easy to wear and adapts to all looks.

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