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Dressing For Presentation


Today, I leave the floor to elegance and clothing professionals, whom I named Higher Standards. Good reading!


It’s been a week since the sun warms your face every morning when you open the shutters. The days are finally getting longer, and Spring is finally feeling like Spring. Bonus, the girls’ legs finally appear, shyly but surely. In short, you suddenly want to put on your best linen shirt and go to the office by bike. Cheered up by the prospect of a beautiful sunny day, you get out of the shower and open your closet… and there, the drama begins. Do you want a big wool sweater, a padded jacket to face the cold winter weather? In short, you dreamed of freshness and lightness, and here you are equipped for an expedition to the North Pole.

In desperation, you roam the online stores of the few big brands you know. Overwhelmed by this overflow of colours, cuts (slim, semi-slim, carrot?), materials (poplin or twill?), unable to remember if blue and orange go well together (the answer is yes, but it depends on the nuances), you give up. And if this time, you entrust your wardrobe to a personal shopper?

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We are Higher Standards and we help our customers feel (more) stylish and more comfortable in their clothes. Passionate about masculine elegance, our personal shoppers/lookers have built their expertise in contact with the best European luxury houses as well as some of the most beautiful fashion houses. What did they learn there? That the universe of masculine style is not limited to the immutable codes of elegance. Style – your style! – is also expressed through your passions, your friends, and your universe. Even if it means bending a few rules. We know at our fingertips the plethoric offer offered by the most beautiful houses in Paris and the most confidential designers. Thus, we offer our customers the possibility of sorting and selecting the best parts and composing outfits corresponding to their requests. Our three criteria?

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