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Flotte Summer Collection 2022-2023

Flotte summer collection (1) (1)

Followers of the entrepreneurial program “Who wants to be my partner?” on M6 may have already heard of Flotte, which caused a sensation among the investors present on the set. Worn by Lyly and Mickaël, a couple in life and at work, Flotte is a French brand created in 2020, which bases its offer around clothing for the rain (with such a name, we imagine that sunglasses are not the core business !). Clothes are designed in 100% recycled fabrics but also certified. On paper, the brand is all good! But that’s not all: starting from the logical principle that the rain is an essential element of life on earth, Flotte has set itself the goal of making us love it through clothing. And if all this is surrounded by the most responsible approach possible, Flotte combines content and form through raincoats that are as beautiful as they are practical. Evidenced by the choice of more than fifteen colours, but also the small sewn pocket, which allows you to transform the windbreaker into… a bag! The idea is so good, that we wouldn’t even have thought of it. That’s good, Flotte did it for us!

Fleet Waterproof Bag

Raincoat Amelot Dots | Raincoat Amelot Indigo | Raincoat Amelot Ginger

Through a colourful and modular wardrobe, Flotte, therefore, integrates with our rainwear thanks to models of windproof raincoats that could not be more modern. And when we say “modern”, we are also talking about the fact that the brand is fully aware that today, fashion is no more than the production of aesthetic, playful clothing, etc. No, today, the stakes and reflections have such that production must follow a certain system of values. This is why the clothing designed by Flotte ticks all the boxes for sustainable and eco-responsible clothing.

First, the fabrics used are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and GRS ( Global Recycled Standard ) certified. They are also recycled, to the point of being accompanied by a line with 100% recycled and certified fabrics. Secondly, circular fashion is valued, since the products come to us by boat rather than by plane, which is too polluting. Note that the railway (even less polluting) is currently being studied! Finally, because “responsible” also implies being socially responsible, the brand’s Chinese partner factory is BSCI certified, a label that guarantees healthy and fair working conditions. That’s all well and good, but what do the clothes look like?

Fleet Brand Rain

Gabardine Concorde

Among our favourite pieces, we find the Amelot model, an eco-responsible raincoat that is adorned with a pocket at the back of the most beautiful effect. The pocket, beyond integrating perfectly with the garment, allows it to be transformed into a bag. Practicality above all! We also find the Anorak , 100% nylonmixed, which follows the same principle, and which can be transformed into a small bag. Finally, if the raincoats are found in different sizes (short or long), we also note that Flotte has already greatly diversified its offer, by offering us trenchcoats, zipped fleeces, a model neck warmer, or even throw pillows. Special mention to the (very) wide range of colours and patterns that accompany the different models, for men, women or children. In short, enough to make you want to crack more than once for these solar pieces… but designed for the rain!

Windbreaker fleet

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