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Good Designer For Good Furniture


Selection of designer furniture for an interior combining style, comfort and elegance. Because it’s not just Ikea!

The style of clothing says a lot about your personality, your mood or your social background. This is also the case with the furniture that occupies your home. Just as it is possible to freshen up your wardrobe, you can also change your interior decor to bring in an air of novelty.

Taking care of your interior is one of the points not to be neglected to feel good at home. The importance of having a cosy, warm, minimalist or even worked interior has proven to be particularly important in recent years. Confinement and teleworking are indeed leading us to spend more and more time at home. To make these days indoors as pleasant as possible, it is important to choose your furniture carefully.

This article offers you a selection of furniture that combines design and quality. The pieces were unearthed at XXL Maison. If you discover it, it is a French brand that offers exclusive collections, since they are created by its own style office. They are also renewed every two years. Concretely, you will find furniture resulting from collaboration with designers. They can be personalized and manufactured on request, in the workshops of Portugal and Italy.


Pyra, the geometric shape

Created by designer Johnny Dos Passos, the Pyra range offers two pieces: a sideboard and a dining table. The first is characterized by a facade composed of nearly 1,000 small pyramids, for a textured and geometric effect. As with clothing, the relief in the furniture helps to bring a little depth to the overall aesthetic of the room. On its own, it will dress up your living room or dining room without the need to add a lot of decoration.

It is accompanied by a dining table, composed of a rectangular top supported by two legs also evoking a pyramidal shape.

Tech, comfort and style

Whether it’s for reading, watching a movie or resting for a few moments in the hustle and bustle of the day, a good armchair is always an excellent investment. The main difficulty is that you often have to choose between style and comfort. The Tech chair solves this problem. Particularly aesthetic, it is electric and battery operated, in order to unfold its seat at the level of the legs.

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