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High Flying Glasses For Men’s

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Selection of the most beautiful models of Aviator men’s glasses: Ray-Ban, Culter & Gross, Persol, Kirk Originals and others.

Sunglasses are the ultimate summer accessory. Today, we can no longer imagine being able to do without this accessory with tinted glasses. Not only do they protect our eyes from UV rays, but they also bring a lot of cachet to our looks. Without forgetting that they are a precious ally the day after a drunken evening.

However, the popularity of sunglasses is not as old as one might think. That was before the American brand was founded by two German immigrants Bausch & Lomb created its Aviator frame, which has since become an icon. At that time, sunglasses were only tools and not fashion accessories. But it was precisely this Aviator frame that paved the way for sunglasses in our everyday style.

Aviator glasses are a must-have today; Since Bausch & Lomb launched its first version in the 1930s, all brands and major houses have adopted this form of frame, from Ray-Ban to Garrett Leight and Gucci.

Here is a selection of models not to be missed, along with buying advice to be sure to choose the right pair.

Aviator glasses, késako?

The Aviator is a style of glasses that can be recognized by their metal frame composed of a double bar and large, rounded lenses. After their creation by Bausch & Lomb in 1936 for military aviation pilots, they were patented under the name of Ray-Ban Aviator.

Although initially created for military use, they were quickly taken over by civilian film personalities; from there, it was only a matter of time before they ended up in Everyman’s closet. Following the movement, Ray-Ban (which is the civil division of Bausch & Lomb) launched advertising campaigns to promote them in the 1950s and 1960s). We could see icons of the time like Elvis Presley wearing them.

In the decades that followed, the Aviators were found on the noses of Michael Jackson, Steve McQueen and David Bowie. So much so that today, these glasses have completely earned their status as an iconic fashion accessory, for both men and women.

If you are interested in the history of Aviators, you can find the Vogue article on the subject.

Aviator glasses, for which face?

The Aviators have many qualities. They are timeless, fairly accessible depending on the brand and easily give style. But perhaps what sets them apart the most from other frames is their ability to adapt to a lot of different face types.

Generally, the different frame shapes correspond better or less well to this or that face shape. Due to the shape of their frames and their lenses (rounded or square), not all glasses will fit you. But for the Aviator, thanks to their mixture of marked and rounded lines, they adapt to almost any face.

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The best models of Aviator glasses

Today, all designers and fashion houses have appropriated the Aviator. There are therefore a large number of variations. From timeless classics to premium creations, here is a selection of the best models.

Aviator Classic by Ray-Ban

We start with the best-known Aviator. Ray-Ban is a brand that no longer needs to be presented since it was she who introduced this type of frame. If you want to buy your first pair of this type, the Aviator Classic model is an effective and risk-free choice.

1372 by Cutler & Gross

Cutler & Gross is a brand specializing in eyewear. After Graham Cutler and Tony Gross met at the London School of Optometry in the 1960s, they set out on a mission. That of making glasses a fashion accessory in its own right. And the bet was rather successful since we find their creation on many catwalks, parades and faces of celebrities.

Among their creations, 1372 is intended to be a minimalist version of the Aviator. With its almost invisible frame, we only see the three horizontal bars forming the bridge.

SAD Aviator by Kirk Originals

Kirk Originals is an English brand founded in London in the 1990s. The history of the brand begins when its founder discovered a chest full of vintage frames made by his family in the 1950s. They were inspired to create new mounts, which quickly met with success.

Among the models of the brand, there is a rather imposing frame called SAD Aviator. If you are looking for an original pair that no one else has, this is a good choice.

649 Original by Persol

Persol is a well-known Italian eyewear brand. Since its founding in 1917, it has also been at the origin of glasses that have become iconic, including the 649 Original. It revisits the Aviator style with its acetate frame, its bridge (the part between the lenses) with holes and its traditional arrows on the sides.

Holden by Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a brand known for its sharply styled suits and accessories. It is particularly noted for its collections of glasses, among which we find the Holden. It is easily recognizable with its inverted bridge and particularly wide lenses.

Abe by Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an American brand with relatively accessible creations. This is also his credo: to offer worked glasses without displaying a price that bursts the ceiling. The brand even pushes the logic further, since for each pair purchased, a pair of glasses is given to a visually impaired person.

Among the creations of the house, we find the Abe, which is a relatively classic Aviator. She tastefully mixes the gold of the frame and the khaki of her lenses.

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