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High-Tech Bedroom Creation

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When you equip your house with high-tech objects, you tend to forget the bedroom. However, this room dedicated to rest can accommodate all kinds of smart gadgets to improve comfort and well-being on a daily basis. Between screens, bulbs, humidifiers or even state-of-the-art mattresses, the choice is vast. Discover the latest trends for a comfortable and functional high-tech bedroom.


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Install connected screens

In a bedroom, the trend is for wall screens with thin edges that blend in with the decoration. You can opt for a connected television to take advantage of streaming services. Among these is Netflix with over 220 million subscribers worldwide.

This type of connected device offers absolute comfort for watching films, playing games, or following sports matches in live streaming. Indeed, sport holds an important place in the daily lives of many French people. According to ExpressVPN, the most popular sport is football, with OM and PSG vying for French favour on online platforms. Other sports to stream include rugby, basketball and tennis. 

With a recurring timer in your smart home ecosystem, you can schedule your TV to turn off and on automatically. You can also opt for a smart screen like Google Nest Hub which offers other features such as video calls or the centralization of all connected devices.

But its biggest asset is the possibility of sleep monitoring. This type of gadget can indeed detect sound and movement. It measures your sleep and notes changes in light, temperature, coughs and sneezes to optimize your rest.

Opt for smart bulbs

Lighting contributes directly to the atmosphere you want to create in your bedroom. To fall asleep, dim light is required. To comfortably watch a program on television, brighter light is suitable. The choice of smart bulbs is de rigueur for the interesting features they offer. They are controlled via voice command or from a mobile application. You can program their operation even when you are away. You can also adjust the intensity of the light and its colour.

Place an automatic humidifier

To maintain a healthy environment in the bedroom, consider a humidifier. This device is used to maintain the room’s humidity level between 55 and 65% to avoid irritation of the throat or even chapped skin and nosebleeds. The smart device monitors room humidity at all times with silent operation.

Adopt a customizable mattress and base

The central element of a bedroom remains the bedding. To promote restful sleep on a daily basis, the choice of your mattress prevails. Today, there are models from the latest technological innovations. Find, for example, adjustable bases with a customizable mattress. This bedding offers many options to meet all needs: tilt, zero gravity, massage, temperature adjustment, etc.

To accompany and monitor your sleep, you can also find a whole range of gadgets that will help you track the quality of your hours of falling asleep. Whether it’s a connected watch or sensors to slip under the mattress, there are now many devices to collect data at night.

For the bedroom, there is no bad combination of technology among the abovementioned elements. You can opt for all the objects mentioned, or even add more. You can also choose just a few depending on your preferences and budget. Indeed, it is necessary to plan between 5,000 and 15,000 euros on average to equip the bedroom with the latest technological innovations. However, your comfort and well-being are priceless.

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