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Hisham Selim


A great state of sadness prevailed in the artistic community and fans of the artist  Hisham Selim after his departure from his illness, after a long artistic career that reached half a century of playing many roles that he started in childhood through his role in the movie “Empire of M” and until his last roles in the series “Rebound Attack”. , which was addressed to him during a previous interview with us in the Seventh Day newspaper, reviewing many things that he recalled from the beginning of his career until his last roles, which he knew at the time were the last.
e great artist Hisham Selim, and immediately after congratulating him during the phone call I had with him at the time, and I asked him at first about his feeling about the praise of a large segment of the public for his performance of the character “Rafaat Al-Masiri,” the intelligence officer after the first week of Ramadan passed, he responded with a sentence that revealed what he was feeling in his heart Always the same, which is that he did not take his natural position and appropriate appreciation for what he presented in his long career, as he replied, with a smile as if on his face with his usual calm: “Like my grocery store 50 years, it means half a century, and the strange thing is that every role he does, I feel that people receive me with the same reception as if I do not know the best And I kept knowing, and the same word was said by people, as if I was the first time to be perfect, or I didn’t know how to be perfect before, I don’t know this is a defect in me or a defect in whom and it may remain an advantage, I mean, I say that all this time is like an example and every new role, people are surprised that I know the perfect. .


Then the late artist Hisham Selim added, explaining: “I feel that people are surprised that I know how to perform every time, and I became calmer.” After that, he touched on the scenes of his personal performance, stressing that the long experience he lived with acting is what always makes him qualified to play any character. In addition to focusing on all its details and highlighting many things in it.”

Hisham Selim continued about the role at the time, stressing that he was happy to work on the personality of the intelligence officer, and what pleased him most was the paper and the scenario that proved that the intelligence officers are human Zina, as confirmed by their interviews behind the scenes working to work on the series, and therefore he was trying hard to show the matter in the work events. He added at the time: “The preparation for any role is based on paper and the script, and I always say that the paper is as long as it is written professionally and presents the aspects of the character. Very important files under her hands all the time, in addition to shedding light on the human side of his life. Hisham Selim also said: “Intelligence officers are human beings like us, and they are always very kind and funny, and it does not mean that they bear many pressures, they were chosen for it from among the many, that they are unnatural people, they have emotions like us, as I mentioned human beings, and they should have been To appear, and they also have homes and sacrifice many things for their work, as happened in the series highlighting the relationship of Rifaat Al-Mesiri with his daughter, while he went to her while she was in the hospital and delayed her during the period of receiving a chemotherapy dose because of her cancer and other things that appear with each episode. Hisham Selim also mentioned that the series tried to clarify hidden matters from the eyes, we all lived through it, but we did not know anything about it. We know anything about him in very important years that we all lived with anticipation and the relationship of what is happening in Egypt to what happened in Iraq through a link to the events that unfold in each episode.

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