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How to Choose Motorcycle Helmet

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To ride safely, motorcyclists are required to wear a helmet. Today, we present our advice for choosing a modular motorcycle helmet. 

Before any purchase, it should be remembered that according to article R431-1 of the Highway Code:  “In circulation, any driver or passenger of a motorcycle, a motor tricycle, a motor quadricycle or a moped must wear a helmet of an approved type. This helmet must be fastened. ». Thus, you have a legal obligation to buy an approved motorcycle helmet that complies with the European standards in force from the moment you get on your motorcycle. 

Afin de vous aider au mieux dans votre achat, nous vous livrons nos conseils pour que vous puissiez faire le bon choix le jour J. Sur des sites de référence comme, vous pourrez retrouver un grand choix de casques modulables pour moto. De nombreuses marques y sont référencées, de sorte à convenir à tous. 

Today, there are several types of motorcycle helmets. In this article, we focus on modular helmets. It is a hybrid version between the full-face helmet and the jet helmet. Useful for all types of motorcycle riding, the modular helmet comes in two versions: with a reversible chin strap or a retractable chin strap. The first version allows the chin bar to be rotated 180°, while the second offers better weight balance and better aerodynamics. Depending on your needs, one or the other may be more suitable for you. However, both versions of the modular motorcycle helmet are perfectly suited for all types of riding.

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The advantages of the modular motorcycle helmet 

The first three advantages of the modular motorcycle helmet are: practical, easy to use and comfortable. 

Indeed, the modular helmet is very practical for everyday life. You can keep it in the gas station, the store or during a conversation without even realizing you have it on your head. Unlike the full-face helmet, the modular helmet is very easy to put on or take off. Very often, a micrometric buckle is associated with your helmet, which facilitates the action of attaching and detaching the buckle. Finally, they are a real guarantee of comfort. Padding, air vents, integrated sunscreen, everything has been designed to satisfy the greatest number of motorcyclists.

choose a modular motorcycle helmet

Our advice for choosing a modular motorcycle helmet

Tip number 1: options 

One of the advantages of the modular helmet lies in the possibility of adding options if these are not directly integrated into your helmet. Thus, it is advisable to pay attention to the options included in the helmet before any purchase. 

For more comfort, the bib or the nose warmer are ideal for optimal protection against various bad weather conditions. Always on the comfort side, there are also microphone and headset kits directly included in the helmet. Thus, there is no longer any need to shout to speak to your passenger, the latter will hear directly thanks to the earpieces present in the helmet. 

Finally, Pinlock, wearing glasses or Bluetooth are just as many options that can be directly included in your helmet. Please note, however, that the more options there are on a modular helmet, the more expensive it will be. Also, be careful that all the added options do not affect the approval of your modular motorcycle helmet!

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Tip number 2: the weight 

Depending on the materials used on the helmet, the weight can vary greatly. In any case, modular helmets are known to be quite heavy, with an average of between 1,600g and 1,800g. The few grams that you can remove will make all the difference! 

Then, there are actually types of weight: the weight on the scale and the weight in dynamics. Sometimes a light helmet on the scale can be much heavier when in use than a heavy helmet on scale. It is therefore advisable to find out about the two weights to make the best choice. 

So, when choosing your helmet, pay close attention to the weight that is displayed. Indeed, a few hundred grams less can greatly improve your motorcycle experience and, of course, your comfort. 

Tip number 3: the clamping system 

There are several tightening systems: the micrometric buckle, the automatic buckle and the double-D buckle are the most common. In all cases, they must comply with the ECE 22.05 standard. 

  • The micrometric buckle is very reliable and easy to use. You can detach it with one hand. It is the favourite of users. 
  • The automatic buckle is becoming increasingly rare on the market, gradually giving way to the micrometric buckle. It is, in fact, less reliable than the latter, in particular, because of the fact that it loosens during long use. 
  • The Double-D buckle is the enemy of beginners, but the favourite of professionals thanks to its retention capacity. More complicated to attach, it is most often found on sports helmets.
choose a modular motorcycle helmet

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