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How To Improve Yourself At Home

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Beginners guide to the men’s grooming routine: discover the essential gestures and products to stay in top shape.

There is a perception that only women want beautiful, younger-looking skin. It’s a design flaw because men want the same thing, they just don’t express it as much. It is for this reason that we are taking up the challenge of taboos to explain to you what are the basics of the beauty routine for men, in order to have flawless skin.


Find the right moisturizer

This is the basic number 1 of any skincare: find the right moisturizer. Without hydration, the skin becomes dry, does not regenerate, and can even be more sensitive to external aggressions. For men, the choice of moisturizer is all the more essential, because it is possible to aim for double action, in particular, to treat the skin at the level of shaved hair.

The idea is to have a moisturizing day cream to apply in the morning, to protect against pollution, the sun and other aggressions, but also to have a moisturizing anti-shave balm (water-based, for effective action), as well as a moisturizing night cream, to promote the regeneration of skin cells.

Exfoliation is a plus for toxins

To have beautiful skin that stays young, it is important to help it regenerate. Exfoliating regularly eliminates toxins preventing cell regeneration, and literally renews your skin. It is important to choose a natural scrub, for example, based on seaweed, which is very effective in healing the skin and small imperfections.

In addition to softening the skin, exfoliation eliminates small ingrown hairs following a complicated shave. It is ideal for keeping the skin soft in all circumstances. Avoid overly aggressive use of scrubs, however, by limiting your routine to once or twice a week, or only when needed.

The advantage of anti-ageing creams

To return to essential care, there is a category of essential creams for beautiful skin in men. And yet it is a market in which it is easy to make mistakes. Indeed, some anti-ageing creams claim to have magical properties and adjust their prices accordingly. When it comes to anti-ageing creams, the key is antioxidants. According to the cannaconnection website, it is this concentration of antioxidants (and therefore, its effectiveness) that makes CBD anti-ageing creams so popular with consumers. To choose the right cream, get advice based on your skin type.

The sun spray, for optimal protection

It is not only about beauty, but also about health in this particular case. Many people forget that the key to beautiful skin is first to protect it effectively. In this regard, “><span sprays and sun creams are essential. It’s up to you to find the right formula according to your habits and your skin type. Prefer high indexes of type 50 for optimal protection, especially if you go to sunny places regularly. Do not forget to bring anti-sun gels, in particular, based on aloe vera, to apply after prolonged exposure to the sun.

You have all the winning ingredients for a beauty routine and skin like new!

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