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How To Optimize Your Interior For Containment

Confinement is a period that can put the mind to the test. Here are some tips to make it go smoothly.

Being stuck at home for months was not the activity we had planned at the beginning of the year. Nobody saw the containment coming and its second act before they were decreed. For the next few weeks, if not the next few months, we will have to carry out all of our usual activities within the four walls that constitute our home. Work, sport, cooking and entertainment will all be done in the same place.

If we do not adopt a minimum of our living spaces to this new reality, we risk feeling trapped in our homes. Here are some tips and activities to keep your mind and interior tidy.

Activities at home to have a good confinement

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Create a cosy corner

If you can, choose a bright place in your home where you like to spend time, whether in the living room, bedroom or even the veranda. Place a colourful rug on it, throw in some cushions and an armchair (why not a Scandinavian from Happy Garden ), put some books and comics on it and finally finish off with a few decorative objects to finish it off. You will thus create a relaxation and leisure area that you will want to join.

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Define a workplace

Confinement rhymes particularly with telework. While habits in this area are becoming more and more entrenched, creating a place dedicated to work is essential both for our productivity and our psychological balance. So be sure to create a place (even if it’s not an entire room) that is dedicated to your working days.

Ideally, the place should be relatively uncluttered and in neutral colours.

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Do some chores around the house

Confinement is by definition the period when you spend the most time at home. Take the opportunity to do some work at home, in order to change your environment a little. Current colours include matte black and brass; silver and gold colours are still among the classics.

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Get into the paint

Colours have a big impact on our mood as well as our creativity. If you’re patient and like having a paintbrush between your fingers, you can embark on an interior painting project. Changing the colour of a wall or piece of furniture will give your interior a boost.

If you are new to using brushes and rollers, start by practising on small objects, then attack larger ones.


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Rearrange your furniture

Opening the spaces a little to allow light and air to enter is essential during periods of confinement. It is therefore the right time to rethink a little (or a lot) the interior arrangement of your furniture. This could allow you to free up space to more easily practice your daily sports session or set up a teleworking space.


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