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How To Select Furniture For Your Home


You are about to move and you have no desire to spend your days with the same furniture and decorative accessories in your new home. You think it’s time to change all aspects of your old decor and furnishing style. From the bedroom to the kitchen, via the living room and the office, you must select your interior furniture carefully. Here are some ideas for furnishing your home according to your tastes and desires!

Furniture for a perfect decoration of the bedroom

If the bed is the main furnishing element of a bedroom for children or for adults, the adult bed must necessarily be accompanied by a 140×190 bed frame, the ideal size for you to sleep comfortably. However, other furniture must be present in your room. It is the wardrobe, the chest of drawers, the bedside table…

The bed

Space is an essential criterion for choosing a bed. Indeed, if you have a small bedroom, you can choose a 2-in-1 bed. To allow you to optimize space, this bed model is designed with storage space (drawer or storage box) under the mattress. Thus, you can store things that take up too much space in the wardrobe (blankets, sheets, pullovers, duvets and many other things).

On the other hand, if the available space allows it, you can opt for a very comfortable queen-size bed. Don’t forget the bed accessories. In addition to the bed frame, choose a quality mattress (memory foam mattress, for example), box spring and a headboard, respecting the dimensions of your bed.

The bedside table

To bring a touch of aesthetics to your bedroom, furnish it with bedside tables that adapt to the decorative style of your bedroom. Placed on both sides of the bed, they consist of niches in which you can store the essentials. You can opt for wood or metal, taking into account the decor (industrial, contemporary, Scandinavian, modern, etc.) of your room.

table-de-chevet (1)

The Wardrobe

Storage furniture par excellence, cabinets are available in several materials on the market. The trend is for wooden cabinets that bring more modernity to bedrooms. There are also cabinets in black metal, a material suitable for the industrial style. The storage spaces are either closed with wooden doors, transparent with glass doors or open. Make your choice based on your preferences.

Chests of drawers

Although the wardrobe is the trend in dressing rooms, many people continue to have a preference for bedroom dressers. Chests of drawers are practical and represent a significant space saver. They allow you to store the belongings of the whole family (underwear, baby’s spare clothes, etc.).

Depending on the decor of the room, you have the choice between chests of drawers in white painted wood (for a Scandinavian style) and chests of drawers in black metal (for an industrial decorative style). For children’s rooms, the colour should be chosen according to gender.

The selection of furniture for a trendy living room

The living room is one of the main rooms that should be decorated with practical, comfortable and aesthetic furniture. The main pieces of furniture in vogue to create a warm environment in a living room are the TV stand, the coffee table and the armchairs.

The tv stand

Are you looking for the TV stand best suited to the dimensions of your TV screen? For example, you can opt for a vidaxl tv cabinet, a selection of furniture suitable for all interior decorations. TV cabinets are available in solid or raw wood, white wood, metal, concrete…

The new trend is TV furniture with LED lights, enough to bring originality to your decor. You can also opt for a wall-mounted TV cabinet set consisting of several storage units to place your decorative objects.

The coffee table

This piece of furniture sublimates the living room by adding design and aesthetics. The coffee tables are available in different sizes and with storage spaces. Opt for a coffee table that ideally meets your needs, your type of decoration, your tastes and your budget.
couchtisch (1)

The couches

The chairs are available in several colours. Timeless, comfortable, in impeccable quality textures, are essential for a successful living room decoration finish. Whatever type of armchair you choose, your armchair should allow you to create a cosy and pleasant atmosphere in your living room. The most fashionable armchairs are made of velvet, leather, and imitation leather. They bring a sleek style to your interior.

Furniture to decorate a kitchen

Are you running out of ideas for your kitchen layout? Be aware that the choice of kitchen furniture depends mainly on the use for which it will be used. Here are the pieces of furniture that will allow you to organize your kitchen as well as possible.

kitchen storage furniture

To create space in your kitchen, you can install traditional wall units for your storage. You will also need low cabinets to have more space in your kitchen. In addition to these storage units, you can order a wooden shelf with several storage levels to store your wine bottles.

You will also need a pantry with drawers or removable doors for storing your food. A central island is also essential in your kitchen. There are models that have recently been adapted to small and large kitchens.

Furniture for a dining area

If you have a small kitchen, you have two options. You can have a dining area consisting of a table and chairs in the traditional style. The other option is to arrange a high table with bar stools. The latter option is suitable for a more modern style and is also found in spacious kitchens.

office furniture

Do you want to set up an office space at home? To bring a touch of modernity to your office space, you can choose your furniture according to the style of decoration of the room. You can opt for a simple desk without clutter, a desk with drawers or a corner desk to optimize space.

If you need a small desk in your bedroom, just opt ​​for a console desk. Industrial offices are also a new trend. They are design, and aesthetic and constitute an excellent tool for decorating your interior. All you have to do is make the right choice!



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