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Hugo Boss Perfume And Its Categories


Selection of the best juices created by Hugo Boss since its creation.

When it comes to combining masculine fragrances and style, there is often one brand that comes to mind: Hugo Boss. The German luxury clothing house, founded around a century ago (in 1924), first specialized in making costumes. It was in Metzingen that his first collections of clothing and accessories were launched, before becoming the worldwide success that we know today.

The brand conveys through its creations (and its marketing campaigns) an image of success and professional achievement. Quite naturally, the Hugo Boss spirit then declined in collections of perfumes, colognes and shaving products. Not without success, moreover, since at the end of the 20th century the perfumery creations of the house regularly rose to the top of sales throughout the world. Each month, the query ” Hugo Boss perfume ” is typed more than 12,000 times in Google. This figure testifies to the enthusiasm of men for the brand’s fragrances.

Today, there are a large number of Hugo Boss perfumes, which are available for every occasion and personality. We review the juices of the brand not to be missed.

These scents are relatively versatile and recognizable. Each one has its particularities and will therefore have to be chosen according to your mood or the environment in which you evolve.

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Table of Contents

Hugo Boss Just Different

hugo-just-different (1)

The Just Different juice was created with the aim of bringing a version of masculinity to the 21st century. It can be worn both night and day, during cold or hot seasons.

The fragrance begins with notes of fresh mint, moving on to tonnes of basil, freesia and coriander; note also scents of patchouli and cashmere. The combination of aromas results in a rather metrosexual and original definition of masculinity.

Hugo Boss Bottled

hugo-boss-boss-bottled 100 ml

The Bottled perfume is one of the oldest perfumery creations by Hugo Boss since it was launched in 1998 with great success. The challenge imposed on its designer was to capture the Hugo Boss spirit and lock it in a bottle. Given the number of sales of this edition, there is no doubt that the bet has been met. Warm, woody and aromatic, this fragrance has become one of the essentials of men’s perfumery. It will also be suitable for both professional and personal events.

Hugo Boss The Scent 


Hugo Bos’s creations are not generally known for their oriental notes, however, The Scent is the edition that breaks the rule, not without success. With its dynamic and rather assertive tones, it is intended for more mature, daring and self-confident men.

Once the juice has been vaporized, aromas of ginger, Maninka fruit and leather accords are found.

This powerful combination gives the perfume its longevity.

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