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Information About Bike Insurance

information about bike insurance

Whether you have the latest Ducati or a cyclo found in your grandfather’s garage, you will need insurance for your 2 wheels. But not necessarily of the same options. Here is a guide that will allow you to find your way around a bit, as well as a method to optimize your spending while ensuring great serenity.

What are the guarantees offered for my 2 wheels?

The first essential guarantee concerning your 2 wheels is the one that must protect what is most precious: you. Whether your liability is engaged or not, benefiting from coverage for all the bodily injuries that you would have to overcome is, in our view, mandatory and non-negotiable. The same goes for your civil liability, of course.

For the other options, everything will depend on your particular case. For example, if you own a recent and popular motorcycle, the anti-theft option should be added to the list. Here is a selection of the possibilities generally offered by 2-wheel insurers:

  • fire, explosion, storm
  • broken glass
  • natural or technological disaster
  • attack and act of terrorism
  • warranty gloves, clothing and helmet
  • purchase value guarantee
  • LLD credit coverage in the event of destruction
  • fixed deductible

A word about legal protection: in the event of a dispute following an accident, such protection allows you to benefit from credit in order to benefit from the advice of specialized lawyers or road experts who, outside the framework of 2-wheel insurance could represent a fairly heavy but often unavoidable investment.

How much does 2-wheeler insurance cost?

Several parameters will have an impact on the cost of your insurance. Here are the main ones:

  • your experience: it is certain that the costs, for equivalent 2 wheels, are higher for young drivers than for old backpackers
  • your past: if you benefit from the highest bonuses, the cost of your insurance will of course be lower than in the event of a penalty
  • the type of 2 wheels: a small scooter and a sports car that can exceed 300 km/h do not represent the same risk for insurers
  • the region: some areas are more accident-prone than others, and the same applies to vehicle theft and damage
  • the type of parking: if your 2-wheeler sleeps in the street in a rather sensitive neighbourhood, or if you have a closed box in a remote area, your premium will not be the same at all
  • use: if, for example, you use your 2-wheeler in a professional setting and you have no claims, the insurer may qualify you as a good driver and allow you to benefit from reductions in your premium
  • the number of guarantees: if you have decided to take all the options available, your premium will be higher. It is therefore important to think about your real needs before committing yourself.

Finally, if you have several vehicles, consider grouping your insurance to benefit from reductions that can really lighten your budget. As soon as possible, insure young drivers directly, and not as a second driver, so that they benefit from bonuses as soon as possible.

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