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Juventus defeat against Monza in Italian League

Italian premier league

The Juventus team fell to its host Monza with a clear goal, in the meeting that brought them together today, Sunday evening, in the seventh round of the Italian League, at the “U Power Stadium”.

The Juventus team did not appear in the expected offensive form against Monza, who took advantage of the ground factors and the public to control the course of matters in most meetings.

And Juve failed to penetrate the defences of Monza, who was well positioned in the middle of his stadium and deprived the old lady of visiting the net.

In the 40th minute, Angel Di Maria received a red card directly after a decisive intervention on the Monza player, so Juventus completed the match until the end with 10 players. 

And in the 74th minute of the second half, Christian Gethkier snatched a deadly winning goal for Monza, within the Juventus net.

 pressure to equalize the match, but to no avail. The game ended with the hosts winning with a fatal goal.

Monza’s defence consolidated against Juventus, who intensified their With this result, the Juventus team continues the series of negative results in the Italian League this season, and its balance freezes at 10 points in eighth place, while Monza raises its score to 4 points in 18th place.

Juventus had tied 1-1 against Fiorentina in the fifth round of the Italian league, then tied for the second time with Salernitana 2-2 in the sixth round, then lost against Benfica 1-2 in the second round of the group stage of the Champions League. 


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