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“Kafaa” Launches the Initiative to Replace the Old Air Conditions


The “Replacing Window Air Conditioners” initiative was launched today, which was prepared and implemented by the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center “Kafaa”, in cooperation with the relevant government agencies, as part of the initiatives of the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program “Ndaleb”.

This step aims to motivate citizens to replace the old “window” air conditioners with new, more efficient ones, as well as support and encourage the national industry in the Kingdom.

The initiative contributes to rationalizing energy consumption in homes by motivating citizens to replace old window air conditioners with new air conditioners with lower consumption and an incentive amount of 1,000 riyals to be deducted from the value of the new air conditioner, in addition to providing a free delivery and installation service, where the process of benefit is simplified through the orientation To stores that sell electrical appliances participating in the initiative; And purchase directly or by ordering online from the websites of the participating stores.

The initiative is scheduled to be implemented from the city of Riyadh as an initial stage, with the participation of more than 60 stores, so that the experience will be generalized, lessons learned will be taken, and then launched in full to include all regions of the Kingdom.

For more information and details, you can visit the initiative’s website:

It is noteworthy that this initiative is an extension of the initiatives of the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center that aim to rationalize energy consumption in the Kingdom.

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