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Konifer Wooden watch

Konifer Wooden watch

Konifer is a brand which, as its name suggests, specializes in wood. Noble and raw material, it allows the creation of many accessories, particularly fashionable at the moment. Glasses, bracelets, rings, etc. But Konifer has chosen to set the bar a little higher, this time with wooden watches. The woods used are of different species: Zebrano (rather dark Central African tree), sandalwood, ebony (known for its very dark appearance) or sequoia (conversely rather light).

I opted for the latter in order to have a clear model for the summer. I see it perfectly worn with a sailor top and light blue Bermuda shorts, which would complement a pair of beige espadrilles. The first thing that strikes you when you put it on is its weight. With around 45g, it is more than discreet on the wrist despite a relatively large dial (accentuated by the fact that my wrist is rather thin).

The design was made in Canada, the maple leaf is there to remind us. The variations of the wood make this watch a very beautiful object, paradoxically raw and worked at the same time. The hour indicators, rings and other elements in metal colour go well with the beige of the wood.

Having one on your wrist also means having a green thumb without knowing it: for each watch purchased, the brand undertakes to plant a tree.

In short, it’s the perfect watch for summer.











Konifer wooden watches, 140€

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