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Men’s Jewelry 2022

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The jade stone is known for the beauty of its works which serve as ornaments, decorative objects and symbols of spirituality. It is considered in several civilizations as a sacred stone.

Many legends and beliefs describe it as a lucky stone endowed with magical properties to ward off evil. This is what justifies its success in jewelry. What is jade used for and how to use it? Read this article to find out!


Origin of jade stone

The name “ jade” designating the jade stone, comes from the Spanish “piedra de ijada” which means “stone of colic” and “piedra de los riñones  ” or “stone of the kidneys”, which translates into Latin as “ lapis nephritis” or “nephritis”. Jade is found in China and Burma, but also in Japan, Taiwan, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Russia, New Zealand, the United States, etc. You will find these stones on reference sites; you can in particular buy jade stone jewellery with

The name “jade” includes three minerals with similar appearance and properties:

• jadeite, is considered the most precious jade stone. Composed of sodium and aluminum silicate from the pyroxenes group, it is harder, denser and rarer;

• kosmochlor, composed of sodium and chromium silicate which is quite similar to jadeite in its chemical composition.

• nephrite, composed of calcium and magnesium silicate from the amphibole group. This distinction was made in 1863 by Alexis Damour.

In addition, there are several colors of jade:

• green jade, which is more popular, is generally a more or less pronounced green. It contains chromium salts;

• pink jade stone, rich in iron and manganese salts;

• white jade, purer; • blue-green jade, rich in cobalt salts;

• black jade, rich in titanium salts. Some jewelers use antigorite, a colored serpentine to imitate jade. It is much cheaper than jade, softer, and therefore easier to carve.

The benefits of jade stone

Many virtues are associated with jade depending on civilizations. In Chinese civilization, it symbolized power and was also used as an eternity stone to adorn the deceased. The jade stone represented the symbol of Imperial China. Jade ornaments and jewellery were therefore reserved for the nobility. The Chinese also used it to treat urinary tract infections. In Spain, it was used to treat renal dysfunction. The Greeks used it, for their part, to accelerate the healing of wounds and the Indians, to relieve pain in the kidneys and colon.

In lithotherapy, jade is considered a protective stone that separates the evil from its carrier and attracts luck and friendship.

Why wear jade stone jewellery?

Jade stone was considered in Chinese tradition as a protective stone that transmits its spirit and strength to the wearer. Thus, in case of illness, healing is accelerated. It serves as a shield against negative waves and frees the mind of all harmful thoughts. Jade brings its wearer good luck, wealth, health, longevity, peace and wisdom. This stone acts on the sacral chakras of the third eye and the solar plexus. It strengthens the immune system and calms the nerves, sciatic pain and migraine. Jade stone helps fight against urinary tract infections and conditions related to kidney dysfunction.

Presentation of Jade stone jewellery

In jewellery, we find jade in the form of necklaces, pendants, bracelets and rings. The last two types of adornment are the most popular in the “Men’s Jewelry” category. Jade transmits all its beauty and charm to the jewel and gives it a glamorous, very trendy and timeless design. The jade jewel completes your look with a luminous note that inspires elegance and charisma.

How to maintain a jade jewel?

To clean the jade stone, use warm soapy water and a soft-bristled toothbrush, then rinse. To restore its shine, leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours. Avoid putting it in contact with chlorine, salt or hot water and any other abrasive cleaning agent to avoid damaging it.

How to Purify and Recharge the Jade Stone

Jade really does not need to be purified. To recharge it, lay it on a pile of quartz and expose it to sunlight or moonlight. The beauty and the multiple virtues of the jade stone make it a very popular stone in jewellery and ornament. His creations are dazzling and highly appreciated. You don’t have any jade jewellery yet? It is the time! Let yourself be sublimated by these authentic adornments for everyday elegance.

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