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Men’s Sneakers

Men's Sneakers

Luxury sneakers have made a name for themselves in the world of style. Before reviewing a selection of models, let’s see what explains their price and how to recognize quality models.

Basketball, which was once created to improve sports performance, has long colonized lands not intended for sport. There are indeed collections of sneakers designed and produced by major luxury houses on many catwalks and in many dressing rooms.

Collaborations with famous designers and artists such as Kanye West, Yohki Yamamoto or Pharrel Williams owe a lot to the revival of sneakers and their elevation to the rank of luxury item.

Before reviewing luxurious sneaker models, let’s take a moment to look at this category of shoes.

How to justify the price of luxury sneakers

Luxury sneakers are not cheap, that’s the whole concept of this type of object. But what justifies their price? At least three reasons:

  • The use of premium leathers, and in particular grained leathers, which ensure better hold over time and fewer cracks in the material.
  • The use of thicker leather also guarantees that the shoe will retain its shape much longer.
  • The use of high-flying designers and designers who can take months to design collections, as well as a highly skilled artisan workforce.

And of course, we must add to these reasons the fact that to place an object in the luxury segment, its price must reflect this trend.

Recognize quality sneakers

Luxury and quality often go hand in hand, but this is not always the case. When you are in front of a pair, in order to determine if it is of good quality, here are some reflexes to adopt.

As for the materials, if the sneakers are made of leather, here is how to recognize a quality one:

  • Pay attention to the leather and test its thickness and softness;
  • Bend the shoe slightly to check its flexibility (it should not be too rigid);
  • Put your nose in the shoe (yes, yes), if you smell glue, it’s not a sign;
  • Conversely, if it smells of leather, it is because the different parts are sewn together and not glued.

Regarding manufacturing, luxury models must exclusively be made by hand, generally in regions recognized for this expertise such as Italy.

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Selection of luxury sneakers

Dior CD1

Dior created the CD1 range, which is a variation of the traditional running shoe. It includes a technical knit that comes in a blue and white color gradient; there are also transparent inserts, in order to bring a little lightness and to avoid the massive effect of this type of shoe.

Dior CD1 sneakers

Price: €890

Balenciaga Graffiti

Balenciaga has been a real hit in recent years with its tight models that slip on without laces. The house continues its momentum with this pair called Speed ​​Graffiti.

balenciaga speed graffiti shoes for men

Price: €650

Lanvin Curb

Lanvin’s artistic direction has chosen to ride the chunky sneakers movement , which are particularly bulky sneakers. Along with the resurgence of 90s fashion, this Curb model features an oversized sneaker featuring equally oversized laces.

Lanvin Curb sneakers

Price: €718

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Versace Chain Reaction

The Versace house is characterized in particular by its very graphic and colorful creations, as well as the recurring use of chain motifs. These Chain Reaction are no exception to the rule, with their chain-shaped rubber soles and their red and gold color.

Versace Chain Reaction shoes

Price: 850 €

Valentino VLTN

The VLTN are the classic line of sneakers produced by Valentino. Dark with their white band signed with the name of the brand, these shoes fall into the category of falsely discreet.

Valentino VLTN shoes

Price: €620

Gucci Ace Bee

We’ve seen them a lot the last two summers, but it’s a safe bet that the Ace Bee by Gucci won’t leave our feet anytime soon. With its characteristic green and red tones, as well as its bee, these sneakers will easily enhance a classic look.

Gucci Ace Bee sneakers

Price: €540

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Tom Ford

Tom Ford offers a model quite close to what Adidas can offer in terms of shoes with a dynamic profile, while adding more colors. They will correspond very well to a streetwear or casual look while giving a boost to your appearance, thanks to the combinations of bright colors.

tom ford sneakers

Price: 750 €

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