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Minimalist Sneakers For Men’s 2022

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Zoom on the best brands of minimalist sneakers for men: Uniform Standard, Spring Court, Common Projects, Church’s and others.

Minimalist sneakers (or trainers) today come in all styles. Whether it’s dressing for the office, going out shopping or shopping, or visiting friends, these shoes are now accepted in almost any situation. And this is because minimalist sneakers today have a decisive quality: versatility.

Investing in a pair of these shoes is a good long-term reflex. If oversized sneakers are popular at the moment, it’s a safe bet that it’s a trend that will last a few months to a few years, no more. While the clean and refined models have been present for longer in our styles, and are obviously here for a while yet.

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We’ll take a look at these minimalist sneakers in this article, going over the reasons to own (at least) one pair and the brands to be aware of. Whether you’ve hit the jackpot at blackjack or saved up several months to get the pair of your dreams, now is a good time to invest.

Why buy minimalist sneakers?

When looking at old self-photos, two options are possible. Either you were wearing fashionable clothes at the time (and you wonder now how you could have done that), or you were dressed in a timeless style. The big advantage of minimalist clothing and accessories is that they will never fall into the cheesy register. Pieces created half a century ago look as stylish today as when they first appeared.

And minimalist sneakers fall precisely into the category of timeless clothing. Thanks to their sleek appearance and their simple, streamlined cut, they were worn as much in the 1980s as they are today and are intended for both adults and children. You will therefore be able to wear them on your feet as an adult without giving the impression of having a midlife crisis.

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In addition to being wearable at any age, minimalist sneakers can also be paired with almost any style. That is to say as much with a chino / OCBD shirt/blazer combo as with jeans/t-shirt / velvet jacket, or even with a suit. The only point of attention, the basketball with a suit will have the effect of lowering the formality of your look. In other words, it is not possible to wear a pair for a very formal event or with a tuxedo.

Minimalist sneaker brands to know

Uniform Standard

Uniform Standard is a British brand of sneakers which notably offers quite colourful collections. But today, it is their white creations that we are interested in.

The models are made of premium leather and assembled by hand. With their rather marked sock liner, the Series 1 will add a casual touch to your look without the slightest difficulty.

Uniform Standard Series 1 Black Trainers

Spring Court

If French houses are often renowned throughout the world for their style, this is particularly true for their tennis collections. Spring Court is a century-old brand that has equipped both athletes and lovers of beautiful tennis. Over the decades, the design of the shoes changed little, as on the G2 model; proof that minimalism has not aged a bit.

Spring Court G2 blue shoes

Common Projects

If you’re already a fan of minimalist sneakers, it’s no surprise that you’ll find Common Projects in this selection. This brand, half New Yorker and half Italian, has greatly contributed to the popularity of white sneakers thanks to its Achilles Low model launched in 2004.

The Achilles Low are clearly a premium model because of the very good quality leather and the finishes that can be seen on the sneakers. Common Projects enthusiasts will have noticed the serial numbers engraved in gold lettering on the shoe, characteristic of this model.

Common Projects Achilles Low White Trainers

Oliver Cabell

The Oliver Cabell brand has a model that is visually quite similar to the Achilles Low, with one difference: the price. While Common Projects sells its pairs for over €300, Oliver Cabell has decided on a different approach by offering a distribution model without intermediaries. The models are thus offered for around 150 €.

White Oliver Cabell sneakers


This time, it is in Eastern Europe and more precisely in Slovakia that we are going. The Novesta brand, which has existed for more than a century, manufactures particularly resistant canvas sneakers.

You can recognize Novesta’s creations by their slightly oversized eyelets and relatively wide insole. One of the brand’s best-known models is the Star Master, available for around €60.

Black Novesta canvas trainers, Star Master model


It’s hard to make a selection of minimalist sneakers without mentioning the now cult Stan Smith. And for good reason, this pair of tennis is colonized many feet whether in the street or on the court, as well as on the podiums. If its biggest flaw today is to be everywhere, it remains a minimalist pair that will go very well with your daily outfits.

Adidas White Stan Smith Shoes

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Church’s is an English brand founded in Northamptonshire (in the centre of the country) which was initially known for the quality of its formal shoes. Its fame led it to be bought by Prada in the 1990s. Under its leadership, Church developed new, more modern ranges, including sneakers.

Premium sneaker enthusiasts will be delighted with his creations, such as the Mirfield.

Church's Mirfield Premium White Trainers

Bonus: streetwear sneaker brands

The least we can say is that with sneakers for men, it is sometimes difficult to remain minimal! Indeed, the following brands are not always known for this aspect…


With mythical models like the Air Max or the famous Air Force One, Nike has succeeded in imposing both minimalist models and more complex versions of its sneakers.

New Balance

Even though these shoes are kept quite simple, you can’t really call a New Balance shoes a minimalist. Indeed, the latter is always based on games of colours and sometimes of materials.

Air Jordan

If there is one sneaker model that is the opposite of minimalism, it is the Air Jordan! Indeed, although from one model to another, the look can be more or less eccentric, this one is very far from minimalist sneakers.


With Kanye West at the helm, expect anything, but especially not too minimalist pairs of sneakers!


Beyond the mythical Stan Smith which can well be described as minimalist, Adidas has also succeeded in imposing its style in other areas of sneakers.

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