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Motorcycle Air Bag


Learn how to choose your motorcycle airbag, this safety accessory that protects two-wheeler drivers in the event of an accident.

You like to feel the unusual sensation that accompanies riding a motorcycle. But, one thing is certain, nobody wants to land in the hospital every time there is a small shock. You then need a  motorcycle airbag to protect your chest, abdomen and spine when you are on your motorcycle. However, it is not easy to make the right choice in this mass of motorcycle airbag models that abound on the market. Here are the questions to ask yourself before choosing your vest!

What type of motorcycle airbag should I choose?

To be certain of making the right choice, you must know the different airbags designed to guarantee the safety and health of motorcyclists on the road. Whatever the brand, the right choice depends on the protection expected, but also on the manufacturing technology used. There are two types of motorcycle airbags that can be worn like a motorcycle jacket or a jacket: the wired motorcycle airbag and the electronic airbag.

The wired motorcycle airbag

Connected by a cable to the motorcycle, the wired vest or jacket is designed to be triggered in the event of a fall as soon as the connecting wire comes off. This is how it works. Indeed, by unhooking the cable, the striker allows the vest or motorcycle jacket to inflate into an air mattress in the space of 140 ms. This ensures better shock absorption during the collapse or slide.

Thus, with a wired motorcycle airbag, the abdomen, chest and neck of drivers will be protected. There are also some models equipped with a dorsal which prevents the back from suffering shocks. This is obviously a real plus for bikers. To have freedom of movement and to drive comfortably, you must wear your jacket before putting it on. Please don’t forget to buy other CO2 cartridges for reusing the wired airbag.

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The electronic airbag

The adjective electronic refers to the autonomy available to the motorcyclist with this model of motorcycle airbag. Unlike wired airbags, electronic airbags do not need any connecting cables to operate. Indeed, they are equipped with an electrical detection system that only requires the use of an electronic sensor. This sensor works using a radio wave.

Thanks to integrated technologies (GPS, gyroscopes and accelerometers), the electronic airbag detects the position and the slightest movement of the motorcyclist 1000 times/s. When he falls or collides with another driver, the protection tool is triggered in record time (55 ms). Thus, by equipping yourself with an electronic motorcycle airbag, in addition to the thorax, the spine and the abdomen, you will protect your collarbones as well as the cervical ones during shocks.

For it to fit properly to the body, it is recommended to wear it under your jacket or overalls. Depending on the model chosen, it is even possible that the radio-controlled airbag will recognize your location in order to alert the emergency services if necessary.

What size for his motorcycle equipment?

Since the airbag is supposed to ensure your well-being while driving, it must be comfortable. This is why you must consider its size before any purchase. The motorcycle airbag and motorcycle accessories can be ordered on the online site  for example or purchased directly from a physical store.

Before concluding the purchase online, do not hesitate to check the sizes of the equipment by consulting the size guide. Although it is possible to have it changed if, after delivery, the chosen size does not suit you, the seller will nevertheless have to offer this in his after-sales service.

On the other hand, if you go to a store, you have time to try on different models before choosing the one that suits you.

Which approval for your motorcycle airbag?

The right airbag with the best motorcycle back protector is the one that meets the required protection and manufacturing standards. That said, you can opt for a model that meets the required safety standards (PPE), has therefore been CE approved. The CRITT marking means that the equipment has the correct speed to detect, activate and inflate the system and the level of air pressure. It is the SRA approval that verifies the triggering speed of the different types of airbags.

Finally, you have the option of opting for an EN 1621-4 approved motorcycle airbag. This is the standard that verifies compliance with sizing, labelling, product ergonomics, harmlessness and the provision of information.

It is strongly recommended to choose approved protective equipment since it is your safety that is at stake. In addition, with your motorcycle airbag, you must comply with the legislation in force. Then make the right choice!

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