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Nike Sneakers For 2022


Zoom on the 10 most emblematic men’s sneakers launched by the Nike brand since the 1960s.

Nike is probably one of the best-known brands (if not the brand) of sportswear and accessories in the world. This popularity is due to permanent marketing campaigns, collaborations with many renowned athletes and an extraordinary capacity for innovation.

A quick look in the rearview mirror: the Swoosh (or Comma) brand was founded in 1964 in Oregon (United States) and has specialized over the decades in the manufacture of sports shoes. Among his successful creations, we find in particular the Air Force 1 or the Cortez. Each model is available in a myriad of versions in different colours, to which must be added the numerous collaborations with fashion houses, artists and sportsmen or even musicians.

Nike has built its reputation on the performance as well as the comfort and aesthetics of its shoes. It is no coincidence that the brand is the supplier of many (many) athletes and sports clubs.

In the immensity of creations that have emerged for almost 60 years, it is easy to get lost. This article brings together the 10 most iconic models. Of course, this selection is subjective, your additions will be welcome in the comments.


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Nike Air Force 1

Originally launched in 1982 as a basketball shoe, the Air Force 1 has earned its title as a modern men’s wardrobe staple. Although the shoe has a streetwear spirit, its clean white version makes it very versatile. We still find the main elements of a basketball shoe, including the air cushion in the sole.

Nike Air Force 1 white shoe for men

Nike Air Max 1

The Air Max 1 was a small revolution at the time of its release, thanks to the air cushion made visible that it integrates into its sole. It is precisely this aesthetic that has made the success of the entire Air Max line until today, as well as the mix of materials (nylon, leather in particular) on the upper part allowing almost infinite colour combinations. Depending on these, the shoe can display both a retro and a contemporary style.

Nike Air Max 1 white, blue and red shoe for men

Nike Air Max 90

The Air Max 90 is another great classic from the Air Max line and one of Nike’s iconic models. Launched in 1990 (hence its name), it has running shoe DNA. We thus find on the shoe a rather low cut and the famous Waffle sole (Gauffre) of the brand.

Nike Air max 90 white, gray and orange sneakers for men

Nike Air Max 95

In line with the Air Max line, there is also the Air Max 95 model. It was designed to represent (in a stylized way) the human body. Specifically, the fabric upper represents the skin, the sides symbolize the muscles, the laces the ribs and the sole represents the spine.

Initially, this sneaker was designed as a running shoe, however, it was widely adopted by the street current. It is thus found more on fans of this style than on the race tracks.

Nike Air Max 95 pink sneakers for men

Nike Air Max 97

The aesthetic of the Air Max 97 is directly inspired by the shinkansen, this very high-speed Japanese train. In addition to its appearance, which stands out, this trainer has also been widely noticed by its air cushion present all along the sole. The comfort of this shoe was thus unequalled at the time of its release.

The upper part of the shoe, which combines fabric and synthetic materials, overlaps in layers that give the impression of constant movement.

Nike Air Max 97 white and red shoes for men

Nike Cortez

The Nike Cortez started its career as a running shoe. However, it quickly won over the general public, in particular thanks to the mixture of leather for its upper part and rubber for its sole. Launched in the 1970s, it goes very well with casual styles; it can accompany a suit to add a relaxed and sporty touch.

white Nike Cortez sneakers for men

Nike Air Jordan 1

Before becoming a brand in its own right, the Air Jordan range began with the Jordan 1. The success of this shoe was dazzling and even today, new collections and colours are snapped up as soon as they are released. It is available in high and medium versions and includes an air cushion which makes them particularly pleasant to wear.

Nike Air Jordan 1 "Spider Man" sneakers for men

Nike Dunks

It was in 1985 that the Nike Dunk was born. It very quickly rose to the rank of essential in street style, thanks to its minimalist style and its large number of colour variations. Among the models that stand out from the crowd is the Nike Dunk Low Viotech, launched in 2013 and immediately becoming a classic in the world of sneakers.

orange and white Nike Dunk shoe for men

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Nike Blazer

The look of the Nike Blazer leaves no doubt about its basketball roots. However, over the decades it has become an everyday shoe, thanks in particular to its rather clean lines and simple design. With its logo crossing the entire side of the shoe and its high sock liner, it has a vintage side that has never been as relevant as it is today.

Nike high top blazer for men

Nike Mag

If you’re wondering where you’ve seen this pair before, your film culture is where you’ll have to look. The Nike Mag first appeared on Marty McFly’s feet in Back to the Future II and is one of the most coveted pairs around today. So much so that they have been declared the most expensive sneakers in the world, since they are estimated at almost 23,000 euros.

Their design is clearly futuristic, thanks in particular to their luminous sole and their construction involving plastic parts.

Nike Mag high tops for men

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