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Omega: watches that have already travelled in space

Watches are still objects of desire for men and women who have a passion for luxury. Omega knew how to travel through time. This is why its products are often associated with mobility. Thus, to travel under the sign of glamour, a watch from the brand is an essential accessory.

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The origin of the Omega brand

In 1903, a legend was born. This is Omega, an illustrious figure in the Swiss watchmaking world. The brand has also conquered the world. In fact, it is a spin-off of the General Watch Company that appeared in 1848 thanks to Louis Brandt. Until now, the Swiss luxury watch house retains its identity and above all its reputation.

Since its inception, Omega has been committed to creating watches with great performance that are constantly evolving. Note that the brand takes the name of a modern mechanical movement that was born in 1894.

Discovering the Omega collections

Omega watches are distinguished by their remarkable solidity. They do not require complex maintenance. In addition, we can count on their longevity. The coaxial escapement is the technique chosen by the brand in the construction of its watches. It benefits from the exclusive use of this process put forward by George Daniels, a British watchmaker.

Innovation is also on the agenda for each product that leaves the factories of the watchmaking house. Although it has already launched countless watches, each of them reveals an authentic personality. There are models that will satisfy fans of the classic style. This is the case for watches in the Constellation and De Ville collections. The brand has also created some pretty daring products like the Seamaster and Speedmaster sports watches.

The brand for frequent travellers, stars and athletes

Do you know that Omega watches have already flown through space? Indeed, they were on the wrists of the first men who explored the moon. This is what further certifies the fact that they are designed for frequent travellers.

Note that the company has a good relationship with NASA. The latter chose to equip her team with the Omega Speedmaster during the mission carried out in 1965. The watch won the title of Moonwatch. Omega has multiplied cooperation with NASA and has taken part in six trips to the moon. To commemorate these great adventures, she launched the Speedmaster Moon collection.

There are also many stars who have been seduced by the brand’s products. Indeed, every 007 agents since GoldenEye had an Omega watch. To top it off, know that Omega is also a faithful ally of athletes. The company is declared the official timekeeper for major events such as the Olympic Games. Among his creations used during these events, there is the Seamaster Bullhead, the Seamaster Planet Ocean as well as the Seamaster 1848.

Travel in time with second-hand watches

Luxurious, solid and famous, Omega watches are present on the secondary market, which now includes many players such as Chronoexpert. There is enough to satisfy collectors and fashionistas eager to make a good deal. By choosing to buy a second-hand Omega watch, you could make a great discovery. Indeed, you can come across the oldest, but coveted creations of the brand.

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