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One Outfit Two Looks

one outfit two looks

Finally the return of the looks!

Hello! After quite a few months without publishing any looks, we are finally taking up this type of post again. For the occasion, I composed a style that wants to be versatile: casual on one side, and casual sport on the other. More concretely, I wanted to show how, by simply changing jackets and shoes, you could manage to give yourself a totally different look.

We start with a very young brand that I recently discovered: ODXEY. The house takes its name directly from the Odyssey, Homer’s famous poem. The theme of distant travel will therefore guide the DNA of the brand, which wishes to invite everyone to embark on their own adventure. Concretely, this translates into basic and durable clothing, with a utilitarian touch. The modern explorer will thus be well equipped for his urban or rural wanderings.

I fell in love with two pieces: a light black overshirt (€110) with many pockets and khaki cargo pants (€95) also with storage. The overshirt will be an ideal piece for mid-season and will also prove to be a precious ally in winter for practising layering. The combination of the two makes it possible to store all the modern man’s paraphernalia on your person (laptop, wallet, keys, etc.) without the need for a bag. Although I took one for this look, it’s a real pleasure to go out with nothing on your back and hands-free.

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For the shoes, the first pair I chose comes from N’go (95€). This brand founded via crowdfunding has given itself the mission of designing and producing ethical sneakers in Vietnam. Not only are the workers properly paid, but the brand also finances charitable operations such as a school. All without compromising on style and comfort.

I then swapped my jacket for a more technical one found at Columbia. This is the model called Rain Scape (€130), which is a particularly light, warm and waterproof technical garment. It quickly sportswear style without giving the impression that you have just redone your wardrobe at Decathlon.

In terms of accessories, I took with me a pair of glasses (€119) from the latest Timberland collection, which can be found at Atol. With its navigator shape and polarized lenses, this model is versatile and will accompany many looks. It also has the merit of being eco-responsible.

To reinforce the utilitarian side of the look, I also took with me a Leatherman multi-function knife (50€). With his knife, his bottle opener, his screwdriver and his parcel opener function, he is able to fulfil a lot of tasks.

I also swapped my N’go shoes for a pair of Columbia (€150), still in the OutDry collection. They are a good synthesis of mesh sneakers for the city and hiking shoes.

I also chose to wear a watch, I literally fell in love with this pink model from the Casio Vintage collections (€149). It allows you to add a little subtlety to the look without being ostentatious.

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