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Optimization Of Balcony

Optimization Of Balcony

You have a balcony, but you don’t know how to optimize the space? Know that with a little imagination, you can transform this small space into a perfect cocoon for all your evenings.

It is not always easy to arrange your balcony. They are often small and not very wide, which leaves little room for a table and garden chairs.

However, today there are perfect solutions for you! Garden tables, chairs and decorations allow you to arrange your balcony without necessarily having, initially, adequate space. Optimization is the keyword, so let us explain how you can optimize the layout of your balcony.


1 Choose your garden table
2 Choose your garden chairs
3 Decorations
4 Our tips to keep in mind

Choose your garden table

The appearance of your table is the first point to address when you want to buy one for your balcony. Beyond the fact that it must be practical and functional, it must above all that you like it. Wood, metal or plastic, today the brands do everything to offer you design and modern garden tables. The days of the white plastic table are over. Now, aesthetics are all important. In addition to dressing up your terrace or your balcony, having a beautiful table is a source of pride and it is certain that you will take better care of it.

On a balcony, you do not have unlimited space. Thus, betting on a square table that you will attach to the balcony railing is the ideal choice. You can also perfectly opt for a high table which gives an effect of grandeur to the space.

The balcony is small. So in order not to clutter it up, today there are perfect solutions for small spaces. You can, in fact, take a folding garden table. This way, if you want to enjoy your entire balcony, you can easily store it with a hand. There are also table models specially designed for balconies that cling to the railing like a shelf.

On the material side, you can choose a more fragile model than for a garden. Indeed, the balcony is very often covered! As a result, your table will be better protected from the weather. This does not prevent you from covering it in winter if you have chosen a wooden table.

table-balcon (1)

Choose your garden chairs

Once your table is chosen, you must order the chairs that go with it. In recent years, mixing different models or colours of chairs has been very trendy. So don’t hesitate!

To make the most of your space, opt for folding garden chairs. So, if you have people planned at home, you can perfectly make room on your balcony by folding your chairs. On VidaXL you will find thousands of garden chairs that suit your needs. Wooden, metal or plastic chairs, the choice is yours. The site offers, in fact, design models, coloured or not, which make it possible to embellish your balcony.

If you prefer to bet on garden furniture, you can also choose models of low chairs. You will then make your balcony a perfect little cocoon for summer evenings. However, note that it will, in most cases, make a choice between the garden furniture and the set of a table and its chairs. If you have a very large balcony that allows you to have both, do not deprive yourself. We advise you, however, to always opt for folding chairs to optimize the layout.

chaises-balcon (1)

The decorations

You have your table, your chairs, now what? Now all you have to do is add decoration to your balcony. Often the floor is concrete and is not really aesthetically pleasing. You can perfectly add wooden tiles for a cosy effect, or fake grass to feel like in a garden! There is a multitude of solutions that, it is certain, will suit your needs and expectations.

Often the light (if present) on your balcony is not aesthetically pleasing. Very often it’s a light bulb and… That’s it. This is why it is advisable to improve and embellish the luminosity of your balcony. Lights are essential to creating a friendly and warm space. You can easily find LED garlands on the market that you can hang on the wall or on the balcony railing. Coloured or white bulbs, the choice is yours.

Finally, it’s time to treat yourself to plants! Succulents on the table or a large green plant in a corner add the finishing touch to your balcony design. To best optimize the limited space of your balcony, you can opt for hanging plants. Thus, you will not have to worry about the space they take up since they will be hung on your wall or on the balcony railing.

Decorations-balcon (1)

Our tips to keep in mind

– Opt for a light garden table and chairs;

– Do not clutter your balcony with oversized furniture;

– The decoration is very important, do not neglect this point;

– Choose narrow furniture;

– It’s time to start DIY to create furniture that looks like you!

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