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Orient Watches For Men 2022

Orient watch

For many, the home of watches is Switzerland. While it is true that Switzerland has largely contributed to the development of timepieces, it is not the only territory that has affinities with watchmaking.

Japan, the land of the rising sun, also has a fine tradition in terms of watch manufacturing. And among the Japanese flagships is Orient Watch, which is the largest Japanese company producing mechanical watches.

It is surprisingly little present in the French and European markets; after some research, it turns out that it is widely present on the wrists of connoisseurs but few of the general public. In Japan, however, it is much better known where it rubs shoulders with the giants of Japanese watchmaking production such as Seiko.

Eastern History

The founder of the company is called Shogoro Yoshida, who opened a watch shop in Tokyo in 1901, in the commercial district of Ueno. For 50 years, this small business took advantage of an expanding market and grew to the point of offering its own models.

It was in 1950 that the “Tama Keiki Co” factory was founded in the city of Hino. The original name of the company was quickly changed to accompany the release of their “Orient Star” model in 1951. Its name comes from the Latin Oriri which means to be born, to rise, to rise. Its greatest particularity is that its movements are mostly automatic and manufactured by the brand, unlike many other brands.

Then it was in 1962 that the manufacturer finally developed its first automatic model, called “Super-Auto”. The house will continue its creations and will release in 1967 an extra-thin automatic watch of only 3.90mm thickness with day and date function; its movement is called “3900”.
The adventure continued in 1974 when the brand decided to go electronic and marketed its first “Orient LCD Quartz” digital watch.

Thanks to the expansion of the brand, a joint factory was opened in 1985 with Seiko; it is the beginning of a lasting business partnership between the two brands. In 2001, Seiko became the main shareholder with 52% of the company’s shares; in 2009 “Orient” became a subdivision of the EPSON group.

However, it retained its independence well and in 2003 opened a technical centre dedicated to the creation and preservation of watches with mechanical movements.


I have been able to wear the Orient Star Open Heart model in recent weeks.

It is an automatic watch inspired by the skeleton, we can indeed see part of the mechanism through the dial.
In terms of details, it’s a little gem: sapphire crystal, profiled hands, power reserve (ie remaining time). The Japanese is known for their sense of detail, we find this tradition on the watch: the crown is engraved with the Orient Star logo as well as the oscillating weight, which can be seen on the back of the watch, where the name is inscribed. of the brand, its logo and of course its origin: Japan.

As for the technical side, the watch is not left out: the watch offers an autonomy of 50 hours (more than two days). It also has a second stop, which is a function allowing the second hand to stop.

Finally, it has a very useful complication: the small seconds (at 6 o’clock), which allows you to mark the passage of time.

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In summary, it is a model that does not skimp on aesthetics or performance at a price that defies all competition for this level of quality.

Price: €499

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