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Oxford Shirt (OCBD)


After seeing how to wear the Oxford shirt (article here), it’s time to review the relevant brands.


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Recognize a quality Oxford shirt

To be sure that your Oxford shirt is really one, and is of good quality, follow these tips.

The fabric

It can be difficult to distinguish a 100% cotton shirt by eye from another made from a cotton-polyester blend.

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Fortunately, the legislation obliges manufacturers to indicate the composition of their product, so all you have to do is look at the label. Oxford shirts are only made of cotton, which guarantees their comfort, lightness and resistance.

The colour

The classic colours of the Oxford shirt are three: light blue, white and pink. If you want to stay classic, you can go with these colours. But nothing prevents you from trying other variations, such as navy blue, sand or even pastel yellow.

The OCBD can be worn plain as well as with stripes.

The Cup

One of the main qualities of the Oxford shirt is to adapt to all occasions. both casual and formal. To recognize a good Oxford shirt, you have to look closely at its cut: it must follow your bust and your entire upper body without moulding it. Ideally, the shirt will have a strip of fabric that runs from the neck to the lower back, which allows better freedom of movement.

The neck

The collar of the ideal Oxford shirt can be either rounded or straight, the latter providing a slightly dressier look. But the essential point to watch is the presence of the two buttons under the collar which will allow it to stay in place, by attaching them to the bust.

Today, Oxford shirts are found without these buttons, which takes away a good part of the identity of this shirt. More formal, they are still called Oxford because they are cut from the same fabric.

The details

As always, the devil is in the details. With the Oxford shirt, you have to aim for rather casual finishes. Concretely, for wrist closures, avoid French cuffs (called French cuffs across the Channel) which would be too formal and prefer simple cuffs.

For buttons, mother-of-pearl is always a good option, firstly because they add a nicer colour and because they are more resistant than plastic.

The best Oxford shirt brands

Now that you know how to recognize a good quality Oxford shirt, here is a selection of the best brands. This is of course subjective, your comments are welcome.


If you are a regular reader of the blog, you will not be surprised to find Uniqlo in this selection. The Japanese brand is indeed known for designing quality men’s basics at very reasonable prices.

This is the case for the Oxford shirt, which is found in quality cotton, dyed in classic colours and provided with well-designed cuts.

Brooks Brothers

It was impossible to make a selection of Oxford shirts without mentioning Brooks Brothers, the house founded in Manhattan at the beginning of the 19th century which invented this shirt in 1896.

Ralph Lauren

The rider brand has made a name for itself thanks to its Oxford shirts, appreciated by lovers of the preppy style. They are particularly found on the shoulders of Ivy League students.

Ben Sherman

Mod culture, which was an English current carried by young, well-to-do urban workers wishing to adopt a hedonistic and festive lifestyle, largely helped to bring the Oxford shirt into mainstream culture during the 1960s. Among the spearheads of this movement, we find the Ben Sherman brand.


Gant is one of the brands that popularized the Oxford shirt and more general models with buttons on the collar. She is also known for having invented the suspension loop, which is this small strip of fabric found in the back on the top of the shirt and which allows it to be suspended.

Fred Perry

The laurels brand founded at the end of the 1940s was first known for its terrycloth wrist, then caused a sensation with its short-sleeved polo shirts. But we must not forget its shirts, and in particular its Oxford models.

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