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Peasant Wool Clothing

Peasant wool clothing

Today, I take you to discover French textile know-how which takes the name of Laines Paysannes. On the program: crafts, local production and sustainable resources.

While environmental issues have never been so topical, and the textile industry is widely singled out for its sometimes highly polluting consequences, women and men have chosen to refocus on quality and short circuits.

This is the case of Laine Paysannes, an Occitane brand born from the meeting of a weaver and woollen woman, Olivia, and a sheep breeder, Paul. There are sweaters, hats, scarves but also duvets, pillows and carpets.

Presentation of Laines Paysannes

Laines Paysannes has made it its mission to ensure local production since no product comes from and is processed more than 350 km from the brand’s headquarters. Concretely, the wools and the weaving operations are made in the South of France and on the other side of the Pyrenees.

More concretely, the wools come from Occitanie, then are washed in Ariège and Haute-Loire, they are then transformed into yarns in Ariège before being knitted in the Tarn and woven in Ariège as well as in Spain.

Laines Paysannes, as its name might suggest, specializes in woollens, that is to say in wools obtained by shearing sheep. This material has the merit of offering comfort, warmth, and breathing as well as good resistance to allergens and dust. Basically, wool is intended to be ecological, since it is renewable, biodegradable and requires relatively few resources.

In terms of know-how, working with wool requires very specific skills that are being lost today.

As always, with quality comes a cost. But if one takes a close look at the latter, one quickly understands why, and the total amount then no longer seems so high. The price reflects fair compensation for the various stakeholders and is therefore intended to be ethical. For a sweater, the cutout is as follows.

The price of wool, in particular, is agreed upon each year with all the breeders at general meetings, it being understood that a minimum price is guaranteed anyway.

Laynes Paysannes by its creations allows highlights the art of agriculture and peasant breeding as it still exists today, inherited from centuries (if not millennia) of heritage and practices. The wools come from different farms of very variable size, which generally raise their herds in the open air and which transhumance in summer on the plateaus of the Pyrenees.

Pre-order: the Orry capsule collection

Laines Paysannes has launched a pre-order collection for this winter called Orry. It includes a turtleneck sweater, a hat and a scarf. Why Orri? It is in fact the name of the dry stone mountain shelters intended to shelter when the weather is less clement.

The models are mixed, so that they can be worn by everyone, and constitute, why not, neutral ground between the wardrobe of Madame and that of Monsieur.

The logic of pre-ordering fits naturally into the logic of Laines Paysannes, it ensures a production corresponding perfectly to the quantities requested and thus avoids any waste.

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