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Selecting Criteria of Good Shooting Location

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Whatever the event, choosing your shooting location is of major importance in the smooth running of your photo shoot. We explain it to you

Today, many people hire a photographer to capture the most important moments of their lives. Bachelor party, event with your company, birthday, wedding or simply for fun, there are many reasons to hire a photographer. However, it is important to determine a shooting location beforehand so that your session goes as well as possible. 

There are several criteria to respect to have a good place: luminosity, cachet, paying or not, which are in particular part of it. To make the best choice, we offer you this guide.


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Criteria for choosing a shooting location 

Depending on the event 

Depending on the type of event for the photo shoot, the location will be totally different. Indeed, let’s take the example of a professional gathering. It seems logical that the places and the decorations are totally different than during a shoot for a baptism. 

It is therefore advisable to take stock of the event for which you want to use the services of a professional photographer. 

The different cases

If your shoot is dedicated to immortalizing moments with your other half, choose a cozy and simple location. Nature is also the most beautiful and photo shoots in the middle of the woods or on the beach always bring an intimate touch. 

For family photo shoots, why not do it in the studio with a photographer? A neutral decor, with few or no accessories, makes the photos even more authentic. 

In the case of a bachelor party, there everything is allowed (or almost). The place has to look like you. Fun and colourful or simple and sober, your personality must be felt in this place. However, the most beautiful photos are those taken on the spot, in nature. No matter where you are with your friends, these are the moments of life, laughter and friendship that must be immortalized.

Finally, for a photo shoot during a business event, again the photographer will have to capture the slightest emotion of each guest. Rising glasses, smiles, discussions. The cohesion of your team must be felt through each of the photographs. If you have to take photos of the whole team, outside of an event/meeting, choose a place that suits you. Why not directly on your premises? At the heart of your business! 

The luminosity 

Brightness plays a crucial role in the quality of a photograph. It must be as natural as possible, although studio shoots offer absolutely magnificent results. However, nothing beats true light. That of the sun! Use it to the maximum, playing with contrasts and shadows. 

A good shooting location must therefore have lights that “look good” in the photo. If the photos are underexposed, the rendering will be much lower. The same goes for too much brightness, which would lead to overexposed photos! So pay attention to this: too much or not enough, you have to find the perfect balance. 

Rental or free? 

By going to Google Maps or sites offering photo spots, you will easily find places where you can pose for a free shoot. 

However, it is possible to rent places to have your picture taken. If you have a project in mind, look for a  photo shoot location rental!  

Take into account the style and decor of the place 

Finally, depending on the style of photo you want to have, your shooting location will not be the same. It is, therefore, necessary to take into account the expected style, but also the decorations offered by the different shooting locations. 

Thus, a cocooning atmosphere will require a soothing, relaxing place, with natural decorations (plants, boudoir, tea room, etc.). For a business event, coworking spaces are the perfect places for a photo shoot! There is a working atmosphere, with decorations that are always very stylish and modern. Finally, for a bachelor party, as we have told you, the best photos will be those taken on the spot. However, if you want to immortalize these moments of joy, why not do it in a bar, by the sea or even in the studio with funny accessories!?

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