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Spyder Motor

Spyder Motor


New article, a bit special this time. I recently left for a few days in Portugal for a road trip between Faro and Lisbon, riding a Spyder. Keiko? It is a three-wheeled vehicle, manufactured by BRP. Who says road trip certainly says asphalt, but also look for the occasion.

With a group of about ten people, we crisscrossed the coast for more than 400 km.

On the way!

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Discovery and handling of the Spyder

Have you ever heard of it? I had already seen vehicles of this type on the sandstone of roads, but I had never ridden one before.

can am spyder test

Not being a biker (license B is enough to drive it, with 7 hours of training for 125 cm3!), I had some apprehensions about the grip. After a first trial run where I managed to knock out a few blocks, we hit the road for a first walk. What marks first is the ease of driving. With 6 speeds, the change of gears is done a lot with the noise of the engine and the feeling. Driving is therefore relatively intuitive, and even if you no longer know where you are in the gears, the Spyder downshifts on its own if necessary.

The second impression that follows is the power of the machine. With 120 horses for about 350 kg, the horses are well felt. Which promises great sensations. When you try to push the device to its limits, it has something to say: with the three wheels, road holding is impeccable. The rear wheel can sometimes skid when the throttle is fully pushed, but it quickly resumes its normal course, guided by the two front wheels.

can am spyder test
can am spyder test
can am spyder test

Braking side, again the frame has the respondent. With its onboard ESP system, braking is smooth. Developed by Bosch for Mercedes and BMW in the 1990s, it has the effect of correcting trajectory deviations by acting on the brakes. In other words, if the Spyder skids and turns more than intended because the rear axle drifts outward, the brake on the front wheel outside the turn is activated. The effect is therefore counterbalanced and the machine continues its course in a linear trajectory. We rode both in the rain and in the sun, the control is there in all situations. One of the peculiarities of the Spyder is that the brake is located under the right foot, like for a car. Which is very intuitive if you don’t have a motorcycle license!

The criticism we regularly hear about Spyders is that they don’t offer the same sensations as a motorcycle. That’s right, precisely because it’s not a motorcycle. Its purpose is not to be one. It is an intermediate vehicle between the sports car and the motorcycle, which therefore constitutes a category in itself.

can am spyder test
can am spyder test
can am spyder test

The seat on the vehicle is exhilarating, it gives the impression of being installed on a Harley, with arms and legs forward.

In short, it’s a beautiful machine that offers a great feeling of adrenaline while ensuring good control. Ideal for those who like to go for a walk, as a couple or two, for a weekend or more!

can am spyder test

Spyder ranges

They all have three wheels, but Spyders have multiple ranges. There are actually three categories: cruiser, cruiser-touring, and touring. I rode the F3 Limited during the stay, which is a touring model, that is to say intended for the road, for long rides. It’s a balance between comfort and power.

Are you looking for a more power-oriented machine? The F3 and F3-S will meet this expectation. Streamlined for speed and sensations, there is an even sportier version with the F3-S Daytona.


If you are more of a fan of long journeys and are preparing your bag for several days or even several weeks, the RT-S is ideal. A very comfortable model, it is designed to ensure that long journeys will rhyme with relaxation and pleasure.



The Spyders are premium machines, so you will need to budget for them.

☞ F3: €19,500

☞ F3-S: from €20,700

☞ F3 Limited: from €28,000

☞ RT-S: from €29,000

can am spyder test

The style

A road trip is also preparing for the look. You can find out what I wore in this article!

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