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Stylish Vintage Cars For You

Vintage Car

Selection of 11 vintage, sporty and stylish cars for your Sunday outings. On the program: Aston Martin, Jaguar, Corvette, Ferrari, Shelby and others.

When it comes to cars, there are two schools. We find on the one hand those who aim for a purely utilitarian car and whose sole purpose is to make a trip from point A to point B. And on the other, those who are concerned about the style that their car. Today, we are going to focus on this second category.

Here are 11 classic and stylish cars.

Aston Martin DB5 1964

At the statement of this manufacturer, we immediately think of James Bond. And if this car is the spy in the service of Her Majesty, it’s good that it shows style. We can imagine him quite well in his garage, between the bottles of wine and the mower.

Corvette Sting Ray 1963

Although the brand released before 1963 high-performance models that were already dreaming, Corvette marked a turning point with the release of its Sting Ray. Along with the revamped design, the car is lighter and has improved handling compared to its predecessors.

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Jaguar E-Type 1961

The very DNA of the Jaguar brand rhymes with style. Among the creations of the house, we find the E model which was initially launched in 1961. It was immediately a great success, to the point of making Enzo Ferrari that it was the most beautiful car ever designed.

1966 Shelby 427 Cobra

The brand founded by the American driver Carroll Shelby is of emblematic in terms of racing cars. With its impressive weight/power ratio, the Shelby 427 Cobra promises great adrenaline rushes. But it will still take a few hundred thousand euros to afford it, which is still less than the 5.5 million dollars sold for its cousin Shelby 427 Cobra Super Snake from 1966. If you have any doubts, you can always do a car loan simulation on MAAF.

Toyota 2000GT 1969

Across the Pacific, Toyota has released some nuggets of cars that combine style and power. We find in the 2000 GT a James Bond spirit, in particular with its elongated hood and its roadster look.

Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto 1966

The Spider Duetto visually translates a vintage Italian spirit, it makes you want to go on a trip to the countryside while stopping from time to time to buy some local wines. Because the car has, which is rare for vintage cars, a good storage space.

Mustang Boss 429 1969

Mustangs are known to be responsive driving cars. This is without counting on the fact that it was necessary to change the usual design of the mark to be able to integrate into this car its particularly bulky engine.

Ferrari Dino 246 GT 1969

Race cars are often angular, with relatively straight and steep lines and English. But luckily for curve lovers, there’s the Ferrari Dino 246 GT, which boasts the feat of being more rounded without cutting corners on its racing style.

Maserati Ghibli 4.7 1969

The Maserati Ghibli is easily recognized for its aggressive front in the shape of a shark’s mouth. Its engine and road holding make it an ideal road companion for Sunday trips.

Dodge Charger 1969

The 1969 Charger made a name for itself thanks to its aerodynamics. This quintessentially American car will make its mark on the roads and promises to never go out of style.

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing 1957

Just the butterfly doors of this Mercedes deserve a place in this selection. This is without counting on the fact that when it was released, the 300SL was then the fastest car of the moment. This means today that you are not likely to get bored behind the wheel.

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