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SUV Car and its Benefits

SUV car (1)

In recent years, the enthusiasm of Europeans for SUVs has been confirmed, thus dethroning city cars. In February, according to a study of data from Jato Dynamics, SUVs would represent 49% of demand, all segments combined, and nearly 51% of registrations of 100% electric vehicles. This category of car has indeed a number of advantages even if it is not devoid of small defects.


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More spacious cars

What most attracts motorists to buying an SUV is the living space in the body. The SUV is indeed more spacious than other vehicles, especially at the rear, which makes it a family car. Some models offer two additional seats as an option, in the form of folding seats embedded in the floor of the trunk of the car. The space is also found at the level of storage, in particular at the level of the trunk. 

A better driving position

In an SUV, the driving position is known to be more comfortable. The seat is wider, and it offers more room for adjustment. It is also higher in relation to the chassis, which provides a certain feeling of security. It is therefore not difficult to swallow the kilometres without hurting your back or getting tired. The driving height allows a better view of the rear of the car, which is also a point perceived positively by families.

More versatile cars

The SUV is a vehicle that handles very well in town, in particular, because recent models offer a screen with parking assistance. Reversing cameras indicate the presence of obstacles or allow the car to perform the manoeuvre on its own. It is, therefore, easier to manoeuvre the vehicle. The SUV, due to the height of the chassis, is also a very good road car. On vacation or at the weekend, it will be very easily taken on dirt roads for an improvised picnic or a hiking trail. As comfortable in the city as in the countryside, the versatility of the SUV is a real plus for users.

SUVs are safer

La hauteur du châssis et les renforts situés au niveau de la carrosserie font du SUV un véhicule plus sécurisant. En milieu urbain, ils sont plus résistants aux petits chocs, ce qui est une bonne chose. Ils peuvent également franchir des trottoirs plus importants et emprunter des routes plus accidentées. Pourtant, les SUV ont la même tenue de route qu’une berline, et les pneumatiques ne s’usent pas moins vite, notamment pour les SUV 4×4.

Quels sont les inconvénients des SUV ?

Étant donné que le SUV est plus lourd d’une citadine ou qu’une berline (1,5 tonne en moyenne), ce type de véhicule a tendance à consommer davantage d’essence, ce qui, d’une part, n’est pas très écologique, et qui, d’autre part peut inquiéter les utilisateurs face à la récente flambée du prix du pétrole.

As you will have understood, SUVs are attracting more and more motorists because they are more versatile than other vehicles. They are also resold at a higher price and offer a feeling of driving safety. Thus, despite the defects that have been noted, this type of vehicle is likely to dominate the automotive market next year. 

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