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Talon Ghost Bags 2022

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Osprey is back on the blog, with its limited edition called Talon Ghost available in 22 litres.

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you already know that I am a fan of the American bag brand Osprey. As she approaches 50, she specializes in sports bags and especially for hiking, succeeding where many have failed: combining technique and style.

And in terms of style, precisely, the Talon Ghost edition is there. The Talon range includes rather light hiking backpacks, ranging from 11 to 50 litres. While they usually come in flashy colours or black, Osprey has launched a limited-edition 22-litre Ghost version.

The bag is entirely white and is dedicated as much to the outdoors as to urban use. Its immaculate whiteness promises to make it a striking piece for your street, casual or smart casual looks. As always with the brand, there are a good number of small technical details that may make the Ghost essential after a few uses. We find in particular:

  • two zipped pockets on the hip belt;
  • a back panel designed to allow air to circulate in the back;
  • a bike helmet holder on the front (particularly useful);
  • perforated straps to provide ventilation on the shoulders;
  • a padded pocket for transporting computers and tablets.

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In terms of weight, the Ghost knows how to be very light with its 900 g. All its characteristics make it a fairly powerful tool for those who like to travel by bike or who are very active, it will avoid being subjected to heat and will limit perspiration during exercise. There are also a whole bunch of small straps and hooks on the bag, which will easily accommodate your water bottles, pouches and other everyday objects.

For the style, the Ghost stands out well from the competition since we see quite a few bags in this style for men, that is to say clean and white. It will very well enhance a simple look like a black jeans / white t-shirt / white or black sneakers combo. Without being a strong piece on its own, it will effectively contribute to giving personality to your style.

ghost heel bag 22 liters
ghost heel bag 22 liters
ghost heel bag 22 liters
ghost heel bag 22 liters
ghost heel bag 22 liters
ghost heel bag 22 liters

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